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Every parents would definitely want the best baby car seat for their children. To do this you have to go through many car seat for babies reviews to gather all the information you need to get the correct one.

Some Tips

With the thousands of choices available online, each with variety of features and designs, how do you know which is best? Here aresome tips that can make your life easier.

When you have decided on a certain baby seats, be sure to read its reviews. The features you should look for in a baby seat should be able to adopt changes as your baby grows.

In general, you should start with a rear-facing seat for a newborn baby. You will be able to upgrade to a forward-facing child seat for toddlers when your newborn has outgrow their infant seat and subsequently progress to a booster seat when they have reach the manufacturers recommended weight and age categories.

Heres a brief explaination regarding what you should look for in each type.

  • Infants under twelve months should be positioned in the rear-facing seats. You should make sure that your babys head, neck and spine are supported by the mobile’s seat. A bigger baby seats are required if your babys head goes higher than the top part of the seat.
  • When choosing a rear-facing seat, make it a point that it has a strong harnesses.The 5 point harness, although can be quite restricting, do provide good support to the shoulders, hips, and the crotch area.
  • To get added features for your child seats, it is normal that you have to pay a few extra dollars. These extra features can come in the form of detachable bases which can be secured to your car, or an adjustable bases.
  • When your baby is already 1 year old, a forward-facing baby seats are needed. A point to remember is to fix this seat on your back seat and not your front seat. This because the airbags which will be activated in the event of an accident can injure your child or cause him or her to suffocate.
  • Lastly, booster seats are designed for children ages 4 to 8. These products are developed much like an adult seats. Fasten and adjust the seat belt just like you would your own seatbelt the belt should go over the hips and not the stomache and the strap should support the shoulder, not the neck.

Types of Car Seat for Baby

Traveling with the family is one of the best moments we can have. However, it would be very challenging to travel by road with a baby especially infants and toddlers. It is advised to install a special mobile’s to place your babies rather than putting them on your lap. With the introduction of car-seat for babies types, going out with your little angel is possible. There are just safety precautions to consider such as finding the best car-seat type suited for your baby.

Types of safety seat for babies largely depend on the weight and size of your baby. There are three general types of child seats:

  1. Infant seat
  2. convertible seat
  3. booster seat.
  • Infant seat – This can be used for infants ages 0-2 years old. The weight of the baby must not exceed 35 pounds since the infant car-seat is small enough for the baby to fit in. Usually, infant seat faces the rear part of the car because it is imposed by the law. Pediatricians recommend keeping the babies in rear-facing position until the baby reaches the maximum weight limit of the seat. A rear-facing infant baby seat is safer according to studies since the position can best support the head, neck and spine of infants. The rear-facing position can distribute the impact of the crash over the baby’s entire body in case accident occurs. An infant car-seat can also be used as baby carrier. In case you want to carry the bay with you when you shop or stroll, there’s no need to bring a separate carrier. There are models to choose from if you want to purchase the seat. Just make sure that the car-seat is safe and comfortable.
  • Convertible seat – A convertible car-seat can also be used by newborn to kids ages 4 years old. As its name implies, it can be converted into a forward facing position or rear facing position. The law requires infants up to 2 years old to be placed in a rear facing position and when your child reaches two years old, he can be placed in a forward facing position. This is the advantage of a convertible car-seat because it is more practical to use. However, a convertible car-seat could not be used as baby carrier because it is not portable. It does not have bases
  • Booster seat –A booster seat is perfect for older kids. It can carry a child from 30 pounds to 100 pounds usually 2 to 12 years old. This can be positioned in a forward facing manner. It is still recommended to use a booster seat for your child’s safety because it has a 5-point harness that reduces the risk of injury. Unlike sitting on a car with only a seat belt on, booster seat can position the lap belt and the shoulder belt securely limiting the danger of injury.

Now that you are familiar with different car-seats, it’s time to purchase one suited for your children. Don’t put your child’s safety at risk. Look for the best brand in town. Remember that you are not just investing in a car accessory but you are also placing your child’s life in good hands.

Why Child Safety Seats are Important

Babies are special members of the family and they deserve a comfortable and safe place especially when travelling. There are different types of car-seats and each of them has its own use and benefits. If you are planning to get one for your baby, consider the following uses of these seats for babies so that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Importance of Infant Seats
If you have an infant to carry, it is best to buy an infant car-seat because it fits just right for babies up to 22 pound and 26 inches in length. Although this can only be used for 9 months, it is still practical to buy this to assure the safety of the baby. Infant seats are placed in the car facing backwards which is recommended by the law. Aside from the law’s recommendation, the rear-facing position creates less impact to the baby’s body in case vehicular accidents occur. Since infant car-seats are small, it huddles the baby comfortably so he does not move everytime the car runs. An infant seat can also be used as a carrier so anytime the baby falls asleep inside the car, it is easy to carry him outside without waking him up.

Importance of Convertible Seats
Once your baby gets older, it is appropriate to use a convertible car-seat. Some parents prefer to buy a convertible child seat because they can get more from the investment. There are families who do not travel when the baby is still too young so it becomes useless to buy an infant car-seat. They would rather wait for the baby to reach 1 year old before they take him to shop, stroll, and drive around. With the use of convertible car-seat, your infant can still take advantage of it even if he becomes a toddler. For practical moms, they would wait for their babies to grow older and heavier before buying the car-seat. Convertible seat is called as such because it can be positioned in 2 ways – facing the rear and facing the front. In addition, convertible car-seat has more features such as a 5-point harness, reclining mechanism, and an overhead shield system.

Importance of Booster Seats

Children of at least age 4 and weigh 40 pounds must be seated in a booster seat. This is the last safety seat your child should use. If he reaches the maximum weight of 100 pounds with a height of 4”9”, he can already sit with only a seatbelt on. Since we prioritize the security of our children, it is best to buy a booster seat to reduce the risk of injury. Booster seat has a lot of advantages because it has a 5-poin harness that protects the body of the child once the impact from vehicle collision occurs. Booster seats position the child very well because of the lap and shoulder belts. At an older age, your child might resist the safety seat because he would rather want enough space to move around. However, as parent, you need to explain to your child that a car is not a venue to play but a place to sit down and to keep safe while the vehicle is running.

The best child safety seats are necessary for families who love to travel with the children. If you want to have a stress-free and comfortable ride, then consider installing a car-seat for your little angels.

Buying Guide

Buying a car seat for baby needs correct planning and cautious selection. It is recommended to buy brand new items instead of used ones to stay away from troubles such as less durability, lack of warranty, substandard quality. The most important factors to consider in buying the product are the brand and the features. Don’t be tempted in buying inexpensive child seats because your child’s safety might be at risk.

Here are top buying guides in choosing your baby seat:

  • Make sure that the vehicle’s seat has instructions. Correct step must be followed in installing the seat that is why a manual must be included in the package. If you are in doubt of the instructions, ask the manufacturer for an instructional guide for easy installation.
  • Necessary hardware or features must be included. Just like in infant seats, there must be an up-front harness adjustment for strollers and detachable base for easy transfer. For convertible seats, buy the one that uses a five-point safety harness to ensure more support and safety to the child. For booster seat, a built-in locking clip must be included to ensure that the belts are in tight position.
  • There must be a safety standard sticker. The product must be registered properly. There must be a product registration card enclosed so that if the product will be recalled, it is easy to notify you.
  • Avoid buying child seats with marks or cracks. If the seat is brand new, it is possible that the crack is caused by factory defect. Have it changed to a better item. Do not buy used carseat unless you know its history. If there are missing parts, return the product immediately.
  • The materials used must be comfortable to sit on. There are vehicle’s seats with foam linings not only in the head area but with the entire part. This is better because it gives much support and comfort to the children sitting inside the car.
  • It is better to buy a brand new item rather than second-hand baby seats because of the warranty. Manufacturers offer a one-year warranty and others a lifetime replacement.
  • Always choose a child seat that fits your child’s size and height. It is also important to look for products that are easy to install properly. Sometimes, the price is not a guarantee of the product’s quality.
  • Don’t forget to remember the model number, manufacturer’s names, and date of manufacture. With regard to the manufacturing date, don’t use baby seats which are older than 6 years.
  • If you want to get more out of your child safety seat, then choose those which offer additional features just right on your budget. These are adjustable canopy, pillows, cup holders, toys, pockets for storage, and level indicator for installation. Make sure that the additional features are fit in the car.
  • When you buy a carseat, always bring your car to have it fit. Sometimes, the manufacturer’s staff are the ones who install the seat. This is a privilege for you to observe and ask questions regarding your purchased product.

Your baby’s safety should be prioritized first. Always remember the buying guides mentioned to avoid dangers and worse, fatal injury of your children.

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