The Best Baster


The baster is a kitchen tool that, although it looks so simple, is something that no one should be without in their kitchen. If you’re not sure what a baster is, it is also called a “bulb baster” or “turkey baster” because it makes basting meats such as turkeys and roasts much easier.

However, this smart kitchen tool can also be used to remove the fats from the meat juices that accumulate around the meat that you are cooking. All you have to do is suction the fats from the juices and that will eliminate much of the fats from the juices. This is necessary when you want to use those juices to make gravies.

As for the design of the baster, there are two major parts: the long cylinder that holds the liquids, which is made of plastic or glass, and the silicone or rubber bulb that you squeeze to draw liquid into and squeeze liquid out of the cylinder. The design is rather simple but genius in that the cylinder is the perfect length to keep your hand away from the hot oven, pans, and the food. This reduces the chance of burns significantly.

To use the baster, you simply squeeze the bulb prior to inserting the cylinder into the liquid you wish to extract. Once the tip of the cylinder is immersed into the liquid you are extracting, you can release the bulb to draw in the liquid. When you need to release the liquid, simply squeeze the bulb and the liquid will leave the cylinder.

If you’re not sure why basting is necessary when cooking meats, it is necessary to keep foods moist and, as mentioned before, to remove fats from the meat juices. Basting simply makes foods more flavorful and can help them to cook evenly on the outside. It works effectively because the meat is basted in its own juices. They are simply taken from the bottom of the pan, keeping the bottom of the meat from becoming too soggy. You are able to efficiently recycle these juices and can later make them into gravies after using them to baste your meat.

And believe it or not, you can make your bulb baster more efficient by running warm water over it. This small trick can make the tool work much better. For even more efficiency, some basters are accompanied by different tips, such as a brush tip. But no matter what, this is a tool that is very cost effective. You can buy a simple baster for a very cheap price or you can buy one with all of the bells and whistles. It is entirely up to you.

So if you need an effective kitchen tool that is simple and multi-functional, a baster is a must. A kitchen without a this tool is missing something extremely important – a tool that can run circles around other simple-looking tools in the kitchen. No one should ever have to cook a roast or a turkey ever again without being able to baste them. If you’ve tasted non-basted meat, you’ll be able to tell the difference.