Best Digital BBQ Thermometer Wireless


As soon as spring arrives, people want to get outside and have a “cookout” or “barbeque”. A wireless digital bbq thermometer is a handy thing to have. It is easy to check the temperature of the meat with a wireless thermometer. The results are fast and accurate producing perfectly grilled steak, chicken and burgers, and the best pork tenderloin. This ensures a successful cookout every time.

3 Best BBQ Thermometer

There are a lot of wireless thermometers available. Before purchasing a new bbq thermometer, doing some comparison shopping and research online is a good idea. This will be helpful in selecting the most suitable thermometer. Some of the most popular and best selling wireless thermometers are:

1. The Taylor Elite Digital Instant Read Thermometer: This wireless thermometer has a digital display for an accurate and precise reading. It measures temperatures ranging from -40F degrees to 446F degrees, instantly. The slim 5 inch brushed stainless steel probe delivers results without scarring the meat. This instant read thermometer is manufactured by Taylor Precision Products, manufacturing quality thermometers since 1851. It has a 4 out of 5 stars rating. The Taylor Elite Digital Instant Read Thermometer is available online from WilliamsSonoma for $20.00.

2. The CDN Programmable Probe Thermometer/Timer: This bbq thermometer has an easy to read digital LCD display and a 5½ inch stainless steel probe with a three foot sensor cord. It has a temperature range from 32F degrees to 482F degrees. This thermometer has preset programs and has programmable settings. The CDN thermometer is great for testing the temperature of all kinds of foods. This thermometer is user friendly and is great for any chef, professional or amateur. The CDN Programmable Probe Thermometer/Timer is available online from ChefSource for $29.95.

3. The Chaney Instrument 03104 Digital Meat Thermometer: This compact thermometer is easy use and has a magnet on the back for easy hanging storage. It has a flip down stand for sitting on the grill side shelf or kitchen counter. This thermometer has dual display and an alarm that sounds when the food is done. It has a heat resistant stainless steel probe and sensor cable. This thermometer operates with one AAA battery. The Chaney Instrument 03104 Digital Meat Thermometer is available online from Klockit for $15.99.

A bbq thermometer is a “must have” for all those summer barbecues coming up. These wireless thermometers can be used in the kitchen, too. Search Google, Yahoo, and Amazon to find the perfect thermometer for summer grilling.

Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can find several types of bbq meat thermometer wireless available over the internet. Most of you are probably wondering why use a thermometer when you can cook meat in an oven. Of course, a microwave or an oven is great for cooking meat but it will never give you perfectly cooked meat. So if you want perfectly cooked meat like lamb, pork, beef, or turkey to serve your high profile guests then it is always better to use a thermometer.

A wireless thermometer for bbq meat  is a digital thermometer that is safe to use and can be used even when the door of the oven is closed. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of these thermometers is because they can be used for different type of meat and poultry products. Apart from that you will also have an idea of when to check the meat or how often to check it. This means that you will have time to do more things and prepare for your garden barbeque party.

When you use the wireless thermometer, it will give you the exact surface temperature as well as temperature on the inside of the meat. It is like getting instant information and you can prepare the rest of the dishes accordingly to go with the meat serving. Some people love to have perfectly grilled meat and you can make that possible using this tool. One of the popular models of a wireless thermometer is the taylor wireless oven thermometer with remote pager. Some of the main features of this wireless thermometer include:

1. Since it is wireless, you can use these thermometers indoors as well as outdoors. You can use them in an oven as well as on a barbeque or a smoker

2. The thermometer is easy to use and perfectly safe

3. The pager provided with the thermometer has a range of almost 100 feet from the base unit

4. The dimensions of the taylor bbq thermometer is 9.6 x 8.9 x 3.2 inches

5. It has a 6-inch stainless probe that is useful for reading the internal temperature of meat

6. You can even use the base unit as a food timer

7. You can set the control settings according to the type of meat that you are cooking or depending on a user-selected temperature

8. The thermometer has an On/Off Switch

9. The thermometer as well as pager offers a clear digital display

10. The transmitter works on a 9v battery while the pager works on two AAA batteries

11. The digital thermometer comes with a 1 year warranty

12. It can be set at Low, Medium, or High

13. It is easy to use and environmentally safe

One of the important reasons for using a wireless bbq meat thermometer is that it offers protection against harmful bacteria like E. coli as well as other meat borne illnesses, which results from under-cooked meat. The bottom line is that the thermometer is a great value for money product.