Buying the Best and Most Affordable Laptops

The explosion of technological innovation has seen to the computing gadgets, from cellular phones to laptops and tablet. Most of these devices have varying prices for varying socio-economic classes of people. Discovering an affordable yet powerful laptop that can perform all the functions you need isn’t as easy as we may think it is. Getting a quality laptop beats appearance and aesthetics, because it is important we focus on core features of such devises before we decide on which to or not to buy. Yes, it is really difficult finding a reliable laptop that costs between $400 and $500 dollar, there are so many quality reviews out there that help make your choice easier.

Based on recent studies, it is clear that the affordable laptops are the most widely used, this is because the majority of users are in need of simple computing processes which do not require the high-end products so unless you plan on getting an affordable laptop and maybe upgrading some components to boost its performance,it is not advisable to use these cheap laptops for heaving computational tasks like gaming and programming. A lot of the affordable laptops are built for general use such as web surfing, receiving and checking emails watching movies,etc. and when it comes to performing these duties, these fairly cheap laptops You can find extensive reviews on these affordable laptops online but here, I will just give a brief rundown on the features to consider when going to buy these affordable laptops

Year of release

Even though a lot of people do not consider this necessary, but buying newly released laptops means that the laptop most likely comes with the latest technological advances there by making it perform better

Pre-installed Operating System

It is advisable that when buying a new laptop, you buy that comes pre-installed with the most recent operating system. And even though an upgrade of the operating system can be carried out, there is a possibility that the specifications of the system was not built to support a newer version of the operating system


This is referred to as the “microprocessor,” and is the heart of the computer. It is known that the processor does all the computations work in the PC. Some of the popular processors are Intel Pentium chip, PowerPC chip (developed by Motorola,IBM, and Apple). The speed of the processor is measured in Megahertz or in cycles per second. This determines how fast the PC works


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Its function is simply as a temporary storage media to be used only when the computer is on.


This is where files are stored and they vary by sizes. So, if the user plans on watching lots of movies, he/she should buy a PC with much HDD space


This is the most important factor, the user should buy he/she is comfortable with financially

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