Top Portable Generators 2017

Just when you think that reading some articles about best portable generator for home review is not important, the power generator that generates your whole town electricity needs just got broke and your town is threatened by the absent of electricity. Thus, before this bad thing can happen to you or your family, you may need to think about equipping yourself with a good generator that you can buy in the market. If this is going to be your first time in the market for finding this tool, we are going to help you by giving you the review of two of the best products that you can buy in the market. We have chosen the best generator based on its safety and its power so that you know that the power generators that you buy after reading this article will be both safe and helpful for any occasion when national electricity company fails to deliver its best.

Best Portable Generators 2017 Review

Westinghouse WH6500E: A heavy duty yet fuel efficient choice

For those who have been familiar with the product of Westinghouse, I am sure that the name will refer you back to the manufacturer that has been giving the best electricity generators for the customer. With the Westinghouse WH6500E, the company once again is able to give its lover the most efficient generator that can save you a lot of money for buying the fuel to let this machine generate power. Compared to the next name that we will mention in this review, the Westinghouse WH6500E has proven to consume the least fuel to produce the same amount of power. In addition to that, people have been praising this product for its ability to start quickly because it has two kinds of starter, the electric starter or manual starter by using the starter handle. However, Westinghouse WH6500E is not for everyone who will be too mobile. House use is still possible, but expecting it to be taken to your favorite camping spot is almost impossible, though it may, because of its weight.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 has been among the best portable electricity generator for a long time as it is able to produce more than three thousand watts within this generator. Thus, if you want to find a generator that can produce a lot of power within a portable size, this should be your choice. With its portability, the Champion Power Equipment 46539 has been used by so many people who like traveling because it can be taken away using their RV as it weigh less than the WHY6500E even though it is also applicable for house usage. What makes the Champion Power Equipment 46539 even better is the fact that it can actually be turned on using a remote control from a distance, making this generator easier to be turned on. However, it is also not for everyone because of the lack of 240-volt outlet that for some people may become a deal breaker. In addition, the price may make a lot of people think twice about buying it.


Both power generators have been chosen from the best and each of them carries a different purpose. If you want to get the cheapest both in the terms of money and in the terms of fuel, you need to purchase the WH6500E. However, if money is not your concern and you need a generator that can generate more power within a small body, the Champion Power Equipment 46539 should be your choice. So, which one that suits you? After reading our  review, I am sure that it is easier for you now to choose what suits you well.

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