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About Bread Slicers

Who doesn’t like bread? Bread is one of the most common food staples all over the world. With a wide selection of types and flavors and sizes, it is one that is popular with any people or individual. It is one of the oldest prepared foods and can be a good comfort food to many. It can be eaten at any time of the day and can complement a large variety of meat, vegetable, cheese and other condiments. Bread is a huge part of our everyday life and it has even become more so with the invention of the bread slicer. Thanks to a man named Otto Frederick Rohwedder, the slicers were invented back in the 1920s.
Bread was usually cut and sliced by hand and some continue to do so to this day but with the slicer (see: meat  and vegetable or mandolin slicers ), the task has become so much easier and faster.

With the bread slicing machine, bread is now available in even slices that make it more convenient to be used for sandwiches and toast among others. It is a perfect tool for those who like to make homemade bread and also for those who like do the slicing personally with purchased bread. Use it at home, use it to make business more efficient or give it as a gift. With a selection of manual or automatic and home or professional slicers, you are sure to find one that fits your needs and wants.
Some slicers don’t come cheap though. The price may depend on the size, type, features and capacity that you would like in a slicer. To save money, you can purchase used slicers. They can be refurbished or easily repaired to make it work like brand new. We have them right here. Choose good and affordable used slicers from our gallery. We have different brands and types for you to choose from.

Use of The Slicer

Baking breads at home is an exciting and rewarding activity for the senses. And it can also become a money-making activity at the same time. Whether for business or for your own personal satisfaction, making use of a bread slicing machine enables you to present your bread in a professional manner.
Actually, slicers nowadays come in various shapes and sizes. This way, the user can already cut uniform slices out of a loaf of bread without problems. The modern slicer was invented by Otto Frederick Rohwedder between 1912 and 1928. Industrial slicers are automated devices that slice numerous loaves per hour. At home, the manual bread is the one often used, and it is easy to operate.
Commercial slicers are used to slice whole loaves of bread in even, consistent slices. These slicers are normally power-operated, so you must be very careful when cleaning them to ensure that you do not tear your clothing, cut your hand or get any parts of the equipment wet. Commercial slicers are sharp-edged. Hence, they need particular care while cleaning them.
Once you make use of a slicer, you can now slice your bread loafs without difficulty. And you can also get various sizes of slices as well as equal slices of bread for serving. What’s more, you can also use it to slice some big portions for storing and freezing.
The slicer is also a useful piece of equipment in cutting cakes and breads, as their consistency will make it hard for you once you use a bread knife. The main advantage of these slicers is that you can adjust the slice length with no trouble, but apart from the size, you will find how wrong the bakers were of the early 20th century, because your sliced bread will keep its superior texture and taste.
Ultimately, always keep in mind that bread slicers and general deli slicers should be cleaned after every use.

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Do You Need This Tool ?

Bread slicer! Just how can your kitchen tools be completed without it. When it comes to bread slicing, most households are contended with the good old bread knife, like when you have a bread knife, what else is there to need?

However, with the advent of the slicers comes the desire to have it — especially if you hangout at the kitchen all the time to cook, rather than eat. And of course, bread is a staple. Might as well enjoy eating it while we can. And how do we enjoy it? Aside from your normal toasted, or creamed or butter and jammed, having a slicer will definitely make bread eating far more memorable and enjoyable.

But do you really need a slicer? Let’s discuss its benefits:

  • Less Mess. When working in the kitchen, one of the most annoying tasks that anyone could encounter is cleaning up. Most of us have encountered how difficult it is to clean the kitchen especially wiping off the bread crumbs. With a slicer, mess is eliminated like a breeze. You should try it.
  • Uniformity. Another great thing about a slicer is that it enables us to achieve uniformity in the slicing of the bread. If you want the picture perfect cut, or if you’re having a party and want a theme, slicing your bread in even proportions can be achieved through the help of a slicer.
  • Fast Slicing. If you own a bread store or at home wherein you are in a hurry to prepare your meal especially during the hectic mornings, the slicer will come to your rescue. In just a matter of seconds, you will be able to get your slices of bread, sliced proportionately and without the mess, saving you time to clean up as well.
  • Perfect Shape. Slicing the brad manually will more likely crush or tar the bread apart, giving you a mess to clean up with and with the added waste of bread. With a slicer, you’ll have perfectly cut bread without a single crumb coming loose (depends on the quality of the machine of course).
  • Safety. How many times have you cut yourself with a knife? The slicers won’t. In fact it is also especially made to avoid accidents and keep your safe from cutting yourself. Also, using knives in slicing of bread for kids can be quite dangerous. Yes, your children can use the slicer too! It is simple to use. Even bakeries opt for the slicers to be used by the amateur staff or trainees to make work easier more hygienic.

We can find different types of bread slicers nowadays, so you wouldn’t have to worry where to get it. In fact, you can simply buy them from the local grocery or department store. The slicers can be perfect gifts whatever the occasion. You can definitely have many uses of this wonderful slicer. Although the slicers aren’t really a need, and is usually a luxury, it all depends on how well you would love to enjoy your bread. Nonetheless, why not give it a try?

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