Best Commercial or Industrial Meat Grinder Review

Are you considering opening up your own meat processing business? Do you get together with your buddies every year after that big hunt to grind meat instead of having it processed for you? If you’ve got a lot of meat to grind and you want a grinder that’s going to get the job done in a relatively short period of time, then you’ll want to check out the industrial or commercial meat grinder. The grinder is built big and tough in order to handle those large meat processing jobs so you know that you have good reliable equipment that won’t break down in the middle of a job. The machine is the perfect solution for your meat shop or even at your home or farm.

How Much Do They Cost ?

Commercial grinders come in varying styles and there is a style available for just about any job you can think of whether it be a restaurant, a meat shop, a farm, or a hunting camp. Most industrial grinders range in price from $400 up to $3000 or more! The size of the job is really going to determine how much industrial grinder you want to have and how much you are willing to spend on it. The more expensive grinders are going to be able to produce more grinding power than the less expensive models which means you’ll be able to get the job done. If you’re running a meat shop, you might want to consider purchasing a high end industrial grinder because you’re going to be using it day in and day out on a number of different jobs.

Purchasing an industrial meat grinder can take a little research but in the end, you’ll be happy that you did by a grinder because it will make the job ten times easier.

Who Needs The Machine ?

  • For those who are planning on setting up a butcher shop or any other kind of food business that is in line with meat, the most important type of food equipment they will need industrial meat grinders. The grinder first came into being as a manual machine. It is where people simply place the meat and by working on the handle or crank, the meat passes through a series of cutters that mince the meat easily and then pushed through the holes. They are perfect for making sausages, patties and the like. These machines are suitable as restaurant equipment unlike home meat grinders that are usually smaller than its counterpart and are usually used in home kitchens only.
  • Commercial kitchen such as those found in restaurants and fast food chains make use of commercial grinders as well to save them time especially when there are plenty of orders to finish. The best thing about the grinders is that they come in different designs and sizes to better accommodate the needs of businesses. That is why they are an important part in restaurants and food stores.

Tips to Find The Right Commercial Grinder

Since there are lots of stores selling this grinder, people sometimes have difficulty in finding the right one for them. This is not a problem since there are tips that they can use when looking for one. One of the best places for people to shop for industrial grinders is the Internet where plenty of online stores are available.

  • First of all, buyers should determine the type of industrial grinders they would like to buy. Will they prefer to use manual grinders or will they choose electric meat grinders?
  • Second, they can select a grinder based on the manufacturer. There are several well known brands available today and by selecting one that is trusted by most, buyers will be a step closer in buying the ideal grinder for their use.
  • The third thing that buyers may want to consider is the size of the equipment. This is important especially when the space in the kitchen is somewhat limited. Determining the space available is essential when it comes to finding the best grinders available. The price usually varies so buyers should determine the one that best fits their budget.

Several Well Known Brands

When it comes to an industrial grinders, there are several well known brands that are being sold today.

  1. There is the Deni Commercial 800 Watt food grinder that can actually grind everything that is thrown at it. Unfortunately, the machine is quite noisy but will usually stop since it will take only a few seconds to grind the food.
  2. Another example is the LEM #5 HP Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Electric Grinder with Sausage Kit. This machine is easy to use especially with the sausage kit attached to it. It quickly cuts down the meat and needs only a couple of minutes for it to be cleaned.

Industrial grinders are definitely essential in most restaurants or eateries because it cuts down the time it takes to slice meat, beef, poultry, vegetables and the like. This way, people get to save time as well as utensils used in the kitchen when it comes to preparing dishes. For those who are thinking of making their restaurant businesses work out, it is recommended that they add a commercial grinder in their arsenal so all of their customers will be given service in no time at all.

The Advantages of Industrial Meat Grinders

Are you running a large scale meat processing unit? Are you in need of a tool that can quickly mince, grind, and slice large quantity of meat quickly and consistently? Well then the commercial grinders are all you need. Below are some benefits of the machines :

  • They are designed to process an entire lamb at one go. They are automated heavy duty machines that run on electricity. It will save you time and effort. You no longer require spending hours together in just cutting and slicing meat for your business. You just cannot start to imagine the amount of manpower and resources you will save with this one time investment.
  • They come in various shapes and sizes and you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. They come with extra attachments and blades to enable you to process all kinds of meats and vegetables into different shapes and sizes.
  • The machines are designed to mince meat for sausage rolls, mince meat pie, sandwich spreads etc. You can also change the blade to slice meat into thin pieces that can then be used in sandwiches, burgers and rolls. You can also use these grinders to processes vegetables by changing the blade appropriately. It is important that you read the manual carefully to ensure you use the right set-up and the right blade for the right job. This will ensure that the blades don’t get damaged and stay sharp longer.
  • A commercial grinder is usually built of stainless steel and hence it is easy to wash and dry. Some of them also have permanently lubricated motors and hence are low on maintenance. It is however important that you take good care of your grinder to ensure minimum wear and tear. It should be noted that an industrial grinder should not be washed and cleaned under running water or dipped into a tub filled with water. Due care should be taken to ensure that water does not enter the machinery. Some motors have iron parts that can get rusted when it comes in contact with moisture. Hence it is imperative that you dry your  grinder after you wipe it clean.
  • Some Industrial grinders also come with a reverse handling function. This capability allows you to reverse the meat out of your funnel if it does get stuck during processing. You should ensure you check the size of the funnel before you buy a grinder to ensure it meets your business requirement.

Commercial Vs Home Grinder

Industrial grinders are more advanced when compared to a home grinder and hence they are highly expensive. Some grinders can cost you up to thousand five hundred dollars and above. It is hence important that you choose your grinder carefully. It is always a good option to read sufficient reviews online about the model you have short-listed before you buy the equipment.
If you are running butchery, a restaurant, a hotel, supermarket where large scale processing is required, you should definitely consider the commercial meat grinder.

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