Best Cooking Thermometers


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So, what exactly is a cooking thermometer? It is a useful cooking tool which is used to measure the temperature of the foods you are cooking. It helps greatly in ensuring that your foods have the right temperature or is properly heated all though out and not overcooked.
There are certain foods and cooking processes that require more than visual perception and sense of touch. This is when the thermometer serve as a necessity. Foods that require the use of the thermometers are meat and poultry as well as candies, jams and jellies. These foods require specific and steady temperature to be able to achieve certain doneness and consistency as well as to kill harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella.

This is the reason why  the thermometers are divided into two basic types:

  1. Candy thermometer
  2. Meat thermometer.


  1. Candy thermometer.

    It is used in making home-made jams, jellies and candies. This helps in determining sugar concentration, syrup consistency and temperature. It is also known as sugar thermometer and can also be used in measuring the temperature of oils and other liquid. Candy thermometers can measure temperature as high as 200°C/400°F or more.

  2. Meat Thermometer.

    They, on the other hand, are used to measure the internal temperature of meats, poultries and other solid foods. It helps in assuring that these foods have reached a specific temperature range to achieve desired doneness and eradicate food borne pathogens and bacteria. This type of thermometer has pointed metal probe so it can be easily inserted into meats and foods. It is recommended that metal probes will be inserted in the thickest part of the meat or food to get the most accurate temperature reading.


Traditional thermometers for cooking come in simple dial-face design, which have metal probe and analog/dial temperature gauge. These are usually made of stainless steel and can be use for almost every food whether these foods are in solid or liquid form. Popular dial-face thermometers are pop-up and ordinary oven-proof thermometer.

Pop up are usually used for poultry commonly on roasted whole turkey or chicken. These are usually made with high quality food-grade plastic materials. Pop up poultry thermometer should be inserted on the thickest part of the meat. It will then pop up when the internal temperature of the meat reaches 85°C; thus its name.

Ordinary oven-proof thermometers are made of high-grade stainless steel materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. It has a long pointed probes and dial-face temperature gauge.

However, there are other modernized designs that are available in today’s market like

  1. wireless Cooking Thermometer
  2. Digital Cooking Thermometer
  3. Remote cooking thermometer.

1. Digital Themometer

Digital thermometers are used as the same manner as the dial thermometers. However, digital thermometers have digital temperature gauge screen that gives out exact and accurate temperature reading. The thermometers are usually battery operated and are made of durable materials that can stand extreme temperatures and are waterproof. This thermometer model comes in three different types; .

  1. Oven-proof digital thermometer has small metal probe with sensory cable attached to the temperature gauge. The temperature gauge screen remains outside while the metal probe is inserted on the food as it cooks inside the oven.
  2. Instant-read thermometers for cooking, on the other hand provides instant temperature reading, seconds after inserting it on the heated meat or food. You don’t have to insert the thermometer on the food all through out the cooking process.
  3. The microwave-safe thermometer works the same way as the oven-proof thermometer; however it doesn’t have metal probes or parts. This is especially designed to be used when you cook food using microwave oven.

2. The wireless thermometer

This thermometer is almost like the digital thermometer except that it doesn’t have sensory cables, thus it is called wireless. It has a wireless sensory probe that records the food’s temperature and a wireless temperature gauge/control pad that alerts you when the temperature reached a certain point. Both the probe and control pad are battery operated and waterproof. Wireless thermometers are perfect for people who are busy and multi-tasker. This works well with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, however it cost more than ordinary digital thermometer.

3. The remote thermometer.

Remote thermometers are specialized thermometers cooking that have separated metal probe/transmitter and temperature monitor/receiver. The metal probe is left with the food as it cooks through the oven, stove or grill. Then the temperature monitor is left outside or away from the food and it alerts you when the food reaches the desired temperature. Remote cooking can either be wireless or connected.

The connected remote thermometer is an older version of this model; however you could still find it in the market. With this version the metal probe and temperature monitor is connected using a heat-safe wire long enough for the monitor to be place on stove top or counter. This way you can monitor the temperature of the meat or food without opening the oven door.
The wireless version of the remote thermometer doesn’t use wires or connecting cables. You can bring along the temperature monitor anywhere within your house even feet away from the metal probe without loosing transmission or signal. Plus this version can be use on charcoal or gas type grills.

Digital Candy Thermometer

Digital candy thermometers are also available in today’s market. If you want to make perfect home-made candies or golden brown crispy deep fries then you need to have one of these kitchen tools. Digital candy thermometer has long stainless steel probe, splatter shield, clip and digital temperature monitor. This tool is programmable into certain temperature and alarms/beep when the desired temperature has been reached.
You can expect to find different types, models and styles of thermometers for cooking available in today’s market, just like you would expect with any other kitchen gadget or appliance (for instance check 2 Slice Toaster) and therefore it’s hard to decide on which is the best cooking thermometer for you. If you are clueless on what to buy to can consider buying popular brands that can surely delivers.

Popular thermometers cooking brands are :

  1. Taylor
  2. Polder
  3. ThermoWorks
  4. Maverick Industries
  5. Component Design and
  6. Sunbeam.

These brands may cost higher than the other less popular brands but you can be sure that their product offerings are better and have the highest quality. However, choosing the best cooking thermometer should not be all about the brand. You should also consider its design, quality and purpose. Choose the one that will serve its purpose and can last even everyday use.