CoscoScenera Child Safety Seat Review

The Cosco Scenera car seat are used to restrain infants and ensure safety when in the car. They come in three basic types which are the convertible, booster and infant seats.

Every parent wants more than anything, for their children to be safe. Safety is always the first thing that comes to mind, when taking a ride in the car with the little one. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that parents ensure their children are safe, especially when in the car.

These seats combine comfort, safety, and convenience. They are designed to accommodate a growing child. They have a compact design and light weight, with adjustable recline positions.

The convertible ones can be used in rear-facing and forward facing positions. It is a two in one product that can be adjusted to meet an immediate need, be it rear or forward facing. It has a five point harness that keeps a baby sitting comfortably secured, and a four separate harness points to suite the growing child. There is also an upfront harness adjustment.

There are three buckle locations that ensure that the child is safely restrained. A two recline position and an upfront harness adjustment. There is also a detachable holder for cups, thereby making snacks and drinks handy. The pad is removable and washable.

Though there have been reports about some of this product lacking padding, the Cosco-Scenera automobile seat is safe and makes children comfortable. It is easy to install and fits very well in most cars. They weigh approximately nine pounds, making them so light and easy to carry, plus it has a washable fabric.

Some consumers of this product advocate that it lacks quality. Like, no headrest and padding in some, as a result of this some parents go for them as a second choice. That been said, many users still like them and find it comfy and safe for their little ones.

Children between five to thirty five pounds of weight can sit rear facing, and seat forward facing between the weights of twenty two to forty pounds. Checking the age of a child and weight will help determine the right one to use.

In general, the CoscoScenera car seats is affordable, easy to install and delivers and makes them one of the best choices for a convertible baby seat in todays market. If you are keen on saving money, this seat is cheaper than most others in the market. It is safe and meets the US safety standards.

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