Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and Machine Reviews 2017


If you’re looking to make your own fresh and delicious ice cream, frozen yoghurt or sorbets then you’ve come to the right place. Cuisinart ice cream machines(makers) are loved all over the World for their speed, ease of use and reliabilty. They really are a must have kitchen item and right now Amazon is one of the most competitively priced offering free shipping as well.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Ice 25 Review

cuisinart-ice-25-ice-makerThe most traditionally styled of the Cuisinart’s ice cream machines with a clear lid for those of us who like to see what’s happening. It has a wide spout to avoid messes and will churn out 1.5 quarts of your delicious creation. Whether you are having a barbeque with friends, a children’s party or just want to give your family fresh, high quality and additive free deserts, the machines won’t let you down!

If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use ice cream machine that will also make frozen yogurt, frozen drinks and low fat sorbets then you can’t go wrong with this machine. Cuisinart have been producing high quality kitchen gadgets for over 30 years so have stood the test of time.

All Cuisinart product in the range are substantially build, nothing is light and flimsy. This is due to the high quality motor that is contained within the casing.

You will find that many machines will produce ice cream that tends to form ice crystals within a couple of days of it being stored in your freezer. They on the other hand, blend the ingredients so thoroughly and the freezing process is so precise that this doesn’t happen.

Many happy users of the machine tend to buy an extra bowl. These are not expensive, typically around $25-$30. Although it isn’t essential, the extra bowl means that you can always keep one in your freezer so pre-freezing the bowl doesn’t hinder you.

The machine takes apart for super easy cleaning, although as with all the others, it must be hand washed only – no dishwasher!

Whatever your preference, pistachio, mint choc chip, tutti fruity…..the machine will bring it to you with by far better taste than your usual shop choice.

With hundreds of recipes available to you, all Cuisinart products come with recipe ideas but many people who own one will buy additional recipe books. One of the most popular for flavour variety is the Ben & Jerry recipe book.

A good way to avoid hydrogenated fats and undesirable food additives…..enjoy!

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Cuisinart Ice 20 Ice Cream Machine

cuisinart-ice-20-ice-cream-makerThis is the most popular of the Cuisinart’s ice cream making machines range and boast more than 1,000 raving reviews by happy owners.

This machine is capable of producing 1.5 quarts of scrumptious ice cream in approximately 25 minutes. The lid is clear so you can see what is going on plus you can add an ingredient of your choice such as choc chips or fruit towards the end of the process and it will mix it in evenly!

All its compartments are fully removable for super quick and easy cleaning, leaving you more time to sit back and enjoy your taste sensation!  It does not require any ice to be added and also comes with it’s own recipe book so you can get to creating fresh ice creams, yoghurts, sorbets and drinks straight away from your Cuisinart machines. Just add the ingredients and the machine does the rest!

You are fully in control of the ingredience so you can avoid all the nasty additives and hydrogenated fats that tend to come with commercial ice creams…..the flavour’s far better too!

Unless you have ever tasted home made ice cream you have no idea what you are missing. The device makes it easy, so you can enjoy delicious batches of exotic flavours all year round. The beauty of this machine are that they are so simple in their design. There is nothing complicated or tricky, there is no ‘art’ to turning out professional ice cream if you use them.

All you do is put the machine together, pour the ingredients into the frozen bowl, switch on and wait about 20 minutes. Voila…scrumptious ice cream, sorbet, yogurt or drinks!

It is hard to find a downside to the products. The only point that comes up a few times is having to pre freeze the bowl which can take away spontaneity. This is easily solved by buying an extra bowl and keeping it in your freezer all the time – then you will never be caught out.

Depending on your preference, you might want to put the freshly done ice cream into your freezer for a couple of hours prior to serving if you like it quite firm. The ice cream is initially much softer than shop bought ice cream. If you like a soft ice cream then you can tuck into it as soon as the device has finished making it.

The Cuisinart ice 20 is a very reasonably priced kitchen gadgets with heaps of fun factor as well. The return on your investment is soon made back, especially when you consider how much shop bought ice cream is. Once you have made your first batch, the chances are you will always make your own ice cream.

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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Soft Serve

The Cuisinart’s ice cream make soft serve lets you create fresh and tasty sorbets, yoghurts and drinks in a matter of minutes! All without the use of chemicals or added salt…..mmmm!

The versatility of the machine means that you can serve your family fresh, delicious ice cream in just a few minutes. One of the first differences you will notice after you have made a batch of home made ice cream using one of the Cuisinart ice cream making machines is the taste is far superior to that of shop bought ice cream.

It will make a cool 1.5 quarts of your favourite frozen desert. Ready to eat in a speedy 20 minutes, the device comes with a cone holder and three separate compartments to fill with your favourite ingredients such as choc chips or friut pieces for a delicious tutti fruity.

When you are looking at buying one of the machines you need to consider carefully what you expect from it. Are you wanting to create batches of ice cream that you can store in your freezer in a variety of flavors or are you looking to make whipped ice cream that you can serve on a cone and not store.

If you prefer the soft serve option then the machine is right for you. Like the other Cuisinart products you will need to pre freeze the bowl. Then it is just a matter of putting the ingredients into the frozen bowl and switching the machine on.

Just like other models, the machine takes around 20 minutes to complete the ice cream making process. There are three compartments that you can fill with sprinkles for toppings and a handy cone holder to make the process a little easier. This comes in very handy when you are surrounded by eager, excited children.

Once you have finished serving up the ice cream, the machine can be taken apart easily and washed, then put away for next time. It is not the largest of the Cuisinart products so even if you have limited storage space it should tuck away quite nicely.

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Cuisinart Ice 50BC 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Machine

cuisinart-ice-50bc-supreme-ice-cream-makerIt is the grand daddy in the range of Cuisinart’s ice cream machines. It offers the same quality of commercial ice cream and there is no need to pre freeze the bowl before hand.

You can have a fresh, creamy and delicious batch of ice cream, sorbet, yoghurt or drink in a matter of 20 minutes. Just pour the ingredients in and serve. Keep repeating to build a gorgeous selection for your freezer!

You will soon not want to buy shop bought ice cream that is full of hydrogenated fats and refined sugars, not to mention synthetic flavors and artificial colours when you taste your own home made ice cream. The machines put you in the drivers seat when it comes to ingredients.
The Cuisinart ice 50bc 1.5 quart makes the process fun, quick, easy and what’s more, far more economical than shop bought ice cream. You can choose your flavour from a far more extensive variety and make as much or a little as you desire. No dubious ingredients!

The control over the quality of ingredients is the main reason why Cuisinart products creates such outstanding ice cream – the flavors far surpass any commercial ice cream you have tasted. You can make seasonal flavors from strawberries and raspberries, through to hazelnut. If you are a chocoholic then you can use fine quality cocoa and smooth caramels.

There is nothing hard about making ice cream at home if you are using the machine. Recipes are included but if you want others then recipe books can be picked up easily or even try free recipes online. There are literally hundreds available.

Everything on the machine removes for easy and quick cleaning as all of the Cuisinart productss do. A 60 minute timer and precise temperature control gives you perfect results every time.

The Cuisinart’s ice cream making machines make serving up gourmet deserts and summer drinks so easy a child could do it……your friends will think you are a gourmet chef!

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Pink Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

pink-ice-maker-cuisenartNot only is the pink Cuisinart’s ice cream machine a cool kitchen gadget you can also buy with the knowledge that you have paid it forward towards Breast Cancer Research. Every sale of the machine out of the range, gives a donation to this worthy cause.
As soon as the summertime hits us hot desserts become history and out interest turns to cooler frozen desserts. Soft serve ice creams with sprinkles are always a huge sell out for fast food chains and ice cream parlours.

The lets you make this delicious soft serve, whippy ice cream yourself from home. No need to chase outside when your children hear the ice cream van jingles desperately trying to find your money before it’s gone.

Just like all the other Cuisinart products you are in full control of what ingredients you choose to add. Harmful refined white sugars can be replaced with fructose or a natural low calorie sugar substitute. A whole range of mix-ins can be added just a few minutes before the process is finished. You can copy the fast food chains and add chocolate chunks, caramel or biscuits. With the machine the choices are all yours.

If you are looking to buy from the Cuisinart ice cream machine range then the device is definitely for the soft serve fan. And like others in the range it all takes apart for easy hand wash cleaning.

The device sports all the bells and whistles of the device except it comes in a mouth watering and trendy pink. Three compartments let you choose which of your favourite sprinkles to add plus a cone holder makes serving up ice creams to your family simple.

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Cuisinart Ice 30 BC Ice Cream Machine

cuisinart-ice-30bc-ice-cream-makerThe Cuisinart ice 30 bc is fantastic if you have a lot of people to serve. As with the other Cuisinart’s ice cream making machines in the range, it makes ice cream, sorbet, yoghurt and drinks smoothly and easily in around 25 minutes but makes 2 quarts instead of 1.5.

However you decide to make home made ice cream you will find an unmistakable difference in taste. The machines make the whole process effortless. There is no need to add ice or salt like older models of machines needed, just plug in, add your ingredients, switch it on and you’re good to go.

The bowl that you put your ingredients in needs to be pre-frozen so it’s advisable to always keep it in the freezer so you have it ready whenever the mood takes you.

You will find that with the Cuisinart ice 30 bc you can soon create 1.5 quarts of delicious home made ice cream in approximately 20 minutes. There’s no mess and all the compartments, like the rest of the Cuisinart machines, come apart so cleaning it afterwards is easy. Some kitchen gadgets are really tricky to clean and you have to resort to using a toothbrush to get into all the awkward places which is really time consuming and can put you off using it. You will not get this problem with the Cuisinart ice 30 bc.

What makes the machines so popular is the flexibility of them. You are not limited to just ice cream, you can also make low fat sorbets, summer drinks and frozen yogurt.

This is a revolutionary feature for anyone wanting to keep healthy and lose weight. Shop bought yogurts have a huge amount of hidden sugars. A typical single serving pot can contain up to 5 teaspoons of refined white sugar.

With the Cuisinart ice 30 bc you can not only choose your favourite flavor of frozen yogurt, you can substitute the refined white sugar for a natural low fat option such as fructose instead – reducing calories not flavor.
The Cuisinart ice 30 bc has a convenient large pouring spout to make adding mixes really easy too. Towards the end of the process, just pour in fruit, nuts or chocolate chips depending on your preference. There are literally hundreds of different ingredients and flavors you can experiment with the Cuisinart ice cream makers. And they will do justice to them all and turn out professional, mouth watering deserts every time!