Best Electric Carving Knives 2017


Electric carving knife is becoming the preferred tool of chief’s around the world. An electric knife is a special carving knife that can take the work out of cutting meat.

Buying Guide

If you’ve used one, you won’t want to go back to a regular knife. Before you buy one, there are a few things you should know first.

  • The first thing you should decide upon is whether you want a corded or cordless electric shaving knife. The cordless versions are powered by a battery and can be taken anywhere. However, if the battery runs out, you won’t be able to use the knife. Cordless shaving knives are also slightly lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the corded varieties. If you are planning on going hunting or remote fishing, a cordless shaving knife can come in pretty handy.
  • If you plan on using the knife for long periods of time, you will want to look at getting a corded electric shaving knife – you won’t have to deal with running out of battery juice.
  • It’s important that you select an electric shaving knife that fits comfortably in your hand. If you have small hands, you will want to pick a knife that fits. If you have larger hands, make sure you choose a knife that you can hold comfortably.
  • It’s also important to get a knife that has vents in the side of the handle. This is important for two reasons – you want the motor to stay cool and you want the handle to remain fairly cool. Electrical knives without vents may become uncomfortable to hold after a while.
  • The blade size is something else you might want to consider. The standard length for the knife is about 6 inches. However, you can find different sized electric carvers. It’s good to have an idea what you will use the carver for before you purchase it. If you intend to use it to carve turkeys, chicken, or other small meat, then a six inch knife will prove effective. If you are intending to cut up larger game, then you will want to get a larger carving knife – say an 11 inch blade.


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Where to Buy

You can purchase the knife at a brick and mortar store, or you can look at an online vender. The best place to buy an the knife is through an online vender. You can typically get a good deal by comparing the prices of different vendors.

Cordless Electric Knives

For people who do a lot of cutting meat, it’s important to get the best knife possible. These days, the easiest way to cut meat is with a carving knife electric.
There are plenty of advantages for cordless electric knives:

  1. Without a cord and portable, there are practically no limitations to where you can bring your carving knife.
  2. Whether in your kitchen or out in the middle of nowhere, you still have your electric knife.
  3. The knife has an extra sharp stainless steel blade – it won’t corrode or rust.
  4. Electrical knives handles are especially comfortable.
  5. It comes with a special battery back that’s rechargeable. You can typically get between 20 and 40 minutes per use.
  6. Carving knives are designed to be lightweight
  7. Most cordless electrical knives come with special cases for storage. The cases can also be used as a working surface
  8. Many models offer a full 5 year warranty on the knife.

If you have to cut up meat, this cordless knife is the solution you need. It will help you cut meat faster and more efficiently. It works especially with any kind of fish or poultry meat. You don’t just have to use it with meat though – you can use it to carve up vegetables or fruits as well.

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As a test, I’ve used my electric knife with 35 crappies and was able to finish the carving in only 35 minutes.
Since there is no cord that gets in the way, the knife makes even the most difficult meat cutting chores easy.
Caring for an electrical knives is no more difficult than any ordinary knife. Some models won’t require sharpening for months. If you don’t need to sharpen it, just sharpen it like a regular knife.

Before you get one of these knives, you should look around online to see the different models available. There are quite a few brands to choose from and different models will offer you slightly different features. The more expensive electrical knives utilize higher quality steel and more reliable motors – but you will pay more money for these models. You can still pick up decent electric knives for cheap, however.
If you want to best price, do some comparison shopping online. You can sometimes pick up sharply (no pun intended) discounted prices on the knives.