The Best Electric Meat Grinder

When you’ve got a big meat processing job to do and not a lot of time to do it, then there is no better solution to your meat grinding needs than an electric meat grinder. The grinder is built to handle the toughest of jobs and grinds meat quickly which helps save you time if you’ve got a lot to do. One of the most important benefits of this grinder is that you no longer have to crank the grinder by hand which saves you a lot of time and energy. No more tiredness from all of the hard work spent on cranking the grinder manually.

The grinders come in many different sizes and styles so there is an electric grinder built for every job, regardless of how big or small it is. Some are more expensive than others and the price is based on the size of the grinder as well as how many extra features the grinder has. If you figure that you are going to be doing a lot of grinding because you choose to process your own meat instead of having it done for you, then you may want to consider investing a little more money in a top of the line grinder instead of just settling for a cheaper version. Electric grinders are built tough, but you could run into problems if you opt for a cheaper version and plan on using it pretty heavily.

If you’re tired of grinding meat by hand and don’t feel like spending a lot of time processing meat anymore, then you may want to consider purchasing an electric meat grinder. You’ll save a ton of time in the long run by not having to crank out the meat grinding process on your own, and you’ll also be able to process more in a shorter period of time which will make your life much easier.

Best Electric Meat Grinder Review

Commercial electric meat grinder is extremely useful in restaurants and fast food centers to grind meat in bulk quantities. It provides the right consistency and texture to the meat, so that you can use them to prepare a variety of sausages, hamburgers, soups and fish cakes. The machine can grind beef and chicken within few minutes. There are different brands of commercial meat grinding machine available in the market and reading the reviews of each product can help you to select the right one.


This is one of the most potent meat grinding machines and they are operated by a heavy duty motor. You can grind bulk amount of meat per minute with the help of this device. You can use the ground meat to grill, bake or fry. This machine brings out the natural taste and flavor of the meat. The processed meat has good texture and is low in fat. As it is made up of heavy duty material, you can use it for several years without any trouble.

This type of grinder boasts of three types of cutting plates – fine, intermediate and coarse. Fine plate is used to grind meat for sausages, baby food, vegetables and meat for broths. Intermediate plate in the tool is useful in processing meat for Italian and Polish sausages. Coarse plate in the grinder is used to grind meat for preparing meatballs and cutlets.

The machine features on or off reverse switch, which clogs food without the need of disbanding it. It comes with a plastic cutting housing that is easy to clean. It resists high temperature and corrosion. In addition to three plates, the tool is available with some beneficial attachments like sausage stuffer, hopper and a food pusher.

Globe CC22

This grinder is made up of durable material. It is compact, but efficient to prepare meat for any commercial food operation. It weighs 95 lbs and runs with a powerful 11/2 horsepower motor. Globe CC22 features a stainless steel housing that enables easy cleaning and direct gear driven transmission.

Globe CC22 commercial meat grinder has a durable cutting knife and stainless steel chopper plate. It is marketed with a sausage stuffing tube and a food pusher made up of plastic. It comes with one year warranty.

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Different Types of Electric Meat Grinders

Electric meat grinding tool help you to get the leanest meat you want for preparing your own hamburger patties and meatloaf mix. They are affordable and effective in grinding different types of meats. You can find various brands of electric grinders in the market. Knowing something about various brands can help you to select the right grinder.

  1. Waring grinders are made up of durable stainless steel and they are marketed with two sausage attachments. They also feature three cutting plates to grind several meat textures. You can now easily prepare tasty burgers, pet food, baby food and spreads effortlessly with the help of the grinders.
  2. Deni meat grinding device come with different types of grinding plates to prepare any of your favorite meat. They also feature three sausage stuffers that help you to get the perfect size. As they are designed with reversible motor, they do not clog.
  3. Maverick MM-5501 electric meat grinding gadget  are greatly useful in grinding meat for patties, hamburgers and various meatloaf recipes. They have a compact body, so they do occupy more space in your kitchen. These machines are too simple to operate and clean.
  4. Panasonic  grinders run with a 550 watt motor, which helps to grind the meat perfectly and quickly. They are made up of heavy duty metal to offer a problem free performance for years. They also boast of a meat feeder made up of plastic to drop in the deli meats. These tools ensure your safety while operating, as they are equipped with a circuit breaker that avoids the motor from burning out. You can remove the cap of the grinder and clean the parts easily.
  5. Villaware grinders are great for grinding the toughest meat like turkey. They feature a 320 watt motor for grinding finely and quickly. These gadgets are one of the toughest grinders available in the market and they are a perfect companion for making delicious hamburger patties.
  6. Univex grinders are designed for small kitchens. They are portable and you can take them to your garden to make patties for lawn parties. These gadgets come with feed pan made up stainless steel and poly stomper.
  7. Back to basic grinders run by an 800 watts motor and they are great for enjoying commercial quality operation at home. The tools are known for their versatility. You can grind any type of meat and vegetables in these grinders. They are available in white color.

How Electric Meat Grinders Work

You might have used manual grinders to grind meat. However, you can grind only a small amount of meat with them. Electronic meat grinders, on the other hand are beneficial in grinding fresh and frozen meat quickly and efficiently. The tool cost you less than hundred dollars and if used properly, they can give smart performance for years.

The grinders offer you an excellent way to reduce the intake of slats and fats. You can prepare meat for hamburger patties, sandwich spreads, soups and appetizers with the help of the appliances. They come with different cutting plates to grind different types of meats.

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What are the main ingredients of The Machines?

The grinders are available in various sizes to fill your meat grinding requirements. However, all the electronic grinders have almost the same ingredients.

Motor is the most important component of the grinders that are used to power them. They can range in power from 100 to 500 watts. Devices with 100watts motors are normally used for commercial applications. The quality motors in the gadgets feature metal gears to ensure durability.

The cutting blades and plate are other key ingredients of the tools. The cutting blades made up of durable stainless steel can grind the meat of freshly hunted deer or frozen meat in bulk. The plates in the devices come with different sized holes to deal with different textures of ground meat. Generally, three types of plates are offered with the grinders- fine, medium and coarse.
Most of the devices come with funnels to stuff sausages. Some grinders are marketed with funnels of different sizes to make sausages in different sizes.
The food pusher in the appiances is used to push food into the hopper plate conveniently. The food pusher may also come with storage facility.
They also have an easy to clean food hopper plate. Some grinders may also feature a ring spanner for cutter changing.
The devices are great for processing meat into hamburger, sausage and other ground meat. They are the handy addition to any modern kitchen. They save your time and effort in grinding meat in bulk quantities. You can also use them to grind vegetables for preparing baby food or pet food.

Tips to Choose the Right Electric Meat Grinders

Grinding meat on your own ensures quality of meat that goes into your meals. However, using manual grinders require lot of effort from you. Electronic meat grinders are therefore great for processing frozen or fresh meat into yummy hamburger patties, sausages, meat salads, lasagna, relishes, soups and appetizers. There are different brands of the devices available in the market. It is therefore important to consider some factors, to choose the best ones.

Useful tips to choose the right meat grinding machines

The first important factor to be considered before choosing the electronic grinders is their motor. If you plan to buy them for home use, you can select the grinders that can be run with 100 watts to 500 watts motor. On an average, a 300 watt motor can power the electric grinders to grind about two pounds of meat within a minute. Also consider the power consumption of the motor, before buying a grinder.

The durability of the tools is crucial to consider. It is good to select a product that has metal gears. Devices that come with plastic gears may not be durable. The grinders that are available in heavyweight cast iron material with electro chrome plated coating can offer enduring performance. Also check whether the grinding head of the gadgets is made up of sturdy stainless steel.

A good grinder can grind boned meat, so that you can prepare your pet food easily. They need to have the ability to handle different kinds of meat. The tools that come with different grinding accessories like cutting blades and plates to enable you to grind fine, medium or coarse medium are worth to buy.

It is valuable to select the devices that come with several useful attachments. Some products are available with funnels of different sizes to stuff sausages. You can plan to buy such machines, if you want to make sausages of different sizes. Similarly, grinders coming with different blades are worth considering.

Easy to use and clean
The finest machines are the ones that are easy to operate and clean. Even a good grinder may lose its charm, if it is difficult to clean. You can choose the gadgets that have metal lining, because fat from the meat often clings to the plastic lining, making it hard to clean.

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How to Use the Electric Meat Grinders Effectively

Electronic meat grinders are beneficial in providing the right texture and texture to meat. They can grind different types of meat, from beef to chicken and turkey. You can use them to prepare meat for sausages, meatloaves, hamburgers and meat salads. Using themachines properly can help to extend their lifespan.

Tips to use the Machines effectively

The appliancees reduce lot of time and effort that you need to spend in grinding the meat in a manual grinder. If you take care of them and clean them properly, they can offer enduring performance.

It is advisable to add meat in small pieces to the devices and then switch on them. You need to add small strips or cubes of one inch thick meat, no matter what the power of the machines motor is.
You should check whether you place the blade of the devices on the feed screw properly. Then place the plate on the shaft and assure whether the notch is place correctly. Then you can start grinding.
If you want to grind raw meat or fish in the tools, refrigerate them for at least half an hour before grinding. This helps to reduce the loss of juice from the meat.
If you grind meat in large quantities, fat from meats can build up and decrease their efficiency. If it occurs, you should wash the parts of the grinder in hot water. Always remember to clean the feed screw after grinding meat.
You should use the devices to grind bones, only if they are designed for that purpose. You can see the manufacturer’s specifications to check whether the gadgets can be used to grind boned meat for pet food.

Many electronic meat grinding tools come with a reset switch, which can help to prevent overload circuit breaker. You need to use it, if you grind hard frozen meat in bulk quantities.

They generally come with different types of cutting blades and plates. The plates come with different sized holes to grind different textures of meat, such as fine, medium and coarse. It is always worth to use the right plate and blade for grinding the meat.
If you use the food mixers that are available with the  grinders, you should set the speed on low.
You should not push down the meat using fingers into the best commercial electric meat grinders. Instead, use the food pusher that comes with the electric machines to push the meat into the hopper plate.

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