Best Fat Separator


Separating the juices from cook meats from the fats can be quite the difficult task, which is what a fat separator is for. This handy tool is able to separate the fats from the juices during the cooking process. This is how many cooks make delicious gravies and sauces with meat juices. The amount of fat is also reduced in a number of foods, making them healthier to eat.

It is important to note, however, that there are a variety of devices that can be referred to as a “fat-separator.” For instance, a bulb baster can be considered a fat-separator because it is used to remove fat that has bubbled to the top of the juices around a roast. Kitchen spoons may also be used to skim along the top of the juices to remove the fat. A flat spoon may be the best tool for this task and is the most commonly used tool in that it is also used to remove fat from the top of stews and soups.

But despite these many kitchen tools that can be considered a fat-separator, there is one tool that truly qualifies. This tool looks like a small, clear pitcher. It can be made of heat resistant glass or a resin plastic and has a spout located at a lower location than a normal pitcher. The meat drippings are poured into this pitcher-like device, allowing the fats to rise to the surface. With the fat on the surface, the drippings are then able to be poured out of the spout, keeping the fat inside so that you can dispose of it when you are finished.

Using the pitcher-style fat-separator is, perhaps, one of the quickest and cleanest ways to separate fat from meat juices. You are able to dispose of the fat easily. Once the fat is disposed of, you simply wash the pitcher until you are ready to use it again. This takes the guesswork out of removing fat, especially when some pieces are smaller than others, causing them to escape you if you are skimming manually with a spoon or are using a bulb baster.

Fortunately, fat-separators are not very costly and are easy to find. However, you want to ensure you are acquiring a high quality pitcher. This means one that can withstand the heat that comes along with the hot meat juices and fats and one that will truly keep the fat out when you are pouring the juices from the spout. The idea is to keep as much fat out of your diet as possible when using one of these devices.

So if you’re having difficulty keeping the fat out of your meat juices, a true fat separator will do the job for you. When something is intentionally made to remove fat, it will do the job correctly, keeping you and others eating gravies and other foods made with meat juices from encountering bits of fat where they shouldn’t. This can make the dining experience more pleasant.