Fluke Infrared Thermometer


The fluke infrared thermometer is not a fluke, or accident. It is a quality constructed, accurate, and useful precision tool manufactured by Fluke Corporation. Since 1948, Fluke has been manufacturing quality, innovative diagnostic and testing products. The Fluke Corporation has become the leader in the service, distribution, and manufacture of software and electronic test tools. Fluke Corporation is a multi-national company with their headquarters located in Everett, Washington. Fluke manufactures product lines for industrial and professional use. Meteorologists, engineers, technicians, medical equipment manufacturers, electrical contractors, and the automotive industry are some of the primary customers that Fluke services.

The fluke thermometer is manufactured in a lot of different types, styles, and sizes. Before purchasing a new thermometer, doing some research on the internet would be a good idea. Information and prices are available on Amazon, Google, and Yahoo. Some of the best sellers are:

1. The Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer: This is an “entry level” infrared thermometer. It is a good introduction into the Fluke line of equipment for professionals. Some skilled “do it yourself” people would benefit with this  thermometer. It is made for durability and it has an ergonomic comfortable handle. This tool can measure temperatures from -30F degrees to 500F degrees. It has a D:S (distance to spot) of 10:1 ratio for distance accuracy. The Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer is available online from ProfessionalEquipment for $125.95.

2. The Fluke 63 Infrared Thermometer: This thermometer can measure from -25F degrees to 999F degrees and the D:S (distance to spot) ratio is 12:1. The Fluke 63 must be used within six feet of the spot to ensure an accurate reading. It has laser targeting for pinpoint accuracy. This thermometer is perfect for service technicians, mechanics, and HVAC temperature testing. This tool is available online at Myflukestore for $265.00.

3. The Amprobe TMD 10 Dual Temperature Meter: This compact thermometer features dual temperature for Super-Heat and Sub-Cool measurements. It can be used with the included two K type probes. The Amprobe is sold as a kit and comes with carrying case, two K type probes, battery and user’s manual. This tool can be found online at ProfessionalEquipment for $99.99.

The Fluke Corporation has been committed to manufacturing durable, reliable, accurate, safe, user friendly precision testing tools since 1948. Fluke manufactures primarily for the professional, manufacturing, medical, and service industries. They do make thermometers that the average consumer can use safely and efficiently.