Handheld Thermometer


A handheld thermometer is a handy thing to own. They provide a lot of convenience in measuring the temperature of various things. Many professionals use them. Military, medical, manufacturing, meteorologists, mechanics, technicians, service repairs, and many more use the thermometers every day. NASA uses them all day, every day. Most of these infrared thermometers are extremely accurate, fast, and easy to use.

The average consumer can take advantage of these convenient devices in many ways, also. At home, the thermometer can be used for cooking and maintaining appropriate food storage temperatures. It can be used for health purposes. If someone is ill, simply, point the thermometer at their forehead and push the button. This will provide an accurate temperature reading. Avoiding direct contact with someone that is sick can help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Home owners can use a hand-holding thermometer to check for heating and air conditioning leaks around the house. The amateur mechanic can check the temperature of various parts and functions on the vehicle. The kids can do some investigative scientific temperature measurements. There are many different hand-held thermometers on the market. Some of the most popular are:

  1. The Metris Instruments TN002 Pocket Size IR Thermometer: This handy compact infrared thermometer has an easy to read LCD display and an attractive metal alloy case. It can measure temperatures from -27F degrees to 428F degrees. This thermometer has a D:S (distance to spot) of 1:1. This means temperature measurements must be taken close to the object or surface. This thermometer displays results in one second and has auto shut off after 15 seconds. The Metris TN002 is available online from Transcat for $32.00.
  2. The Fluke 61 Infrared Thermometer: This infrared thermometer is manufactured by the leading precision tool producer, Fluke Corporation. The backlit, clear view display allows for easy reading at a glance. It measures temperatures from -18F degrees to 275F degrees. The D:S (distance to spot) ratio on this infrared is 8:1. It features auto sleep mode after seven seconds and comes with a shock absorbing holster. The Fluke 61 is available online from Transcat for $130.00.
  3. The Doric 450-RTD Thermometer: This thermometer with infrared technology is specially designed internally, which enables it to take measurements repeatedly and rapidly. This would be a benefit in manufacturing, medical, fire safety and more. This high quality handheld thermometer can be ordered to individually preferred specifications. It is available online from Advindsys starting at $295.00.