Best Home Meat Grinders Review

Meat grinders for home use are becoming an essential part of our kitchen appliances. We use them for fine mincing, grinding or mixing raw or cooked meat, fish and vegetables. It makes grinding task much easier – we don’t have to use tools like mincing knife anymore. Grinding, fine mincing and mixing is done better and faster, especially if we use electric grinder.

How Does a Meat Grinder Work?

Meat mincer is also very simple to use – all you need to do is put the minced food into the funnel (you can’t miss it; it is on the top of the device). From there your food goes on a horizontal screw conveyor, which can be powered by an electric motor (preferably) or by hand wheel. Conveyor squashes and mixes the food, which comes out in the opening in front of the fixed hole plate.

Home grinders use can be used for task like breadcrumbs producing or filling sausage simply by changing hole plate. After you have done using it, it can be simply taken into peaces and cleaned on the inside.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best news is that the grinders are not expensive at all. If you only need it few times a year, you can buy the simplest one for only $30. Of course, if you are planning to use it regularly, I suggest paying little more and buying an electric one. Especially if you have a lot of food to mix, electric grinder will save you a lot of time and energy.

How to choose the best one?

In case of buying hand-driven  grinder, you don’t have to worry too much – just make sure you get as many hole plates as possible, because it widens the possibilities of using your grinder. But, when you are buying an electric grinder for home use, you must consider some facts – how powerful the machine is, does it have a reverse option and, like with hand-driven one, how many plates does it contain.

Power seems to be of marginal importance until you find out that your device can’t grind your meat because it lacks power. Reverse option also isn’t important until you discover that meat is stuck in the device. That is why it is important to keep those things in mind when choosing the best meat grinder.

Which are The Best Rated Products ?

There are some brand names that get consistently high scores in reviews, such as Krups, KitchenAid, Waring, Cabelas, Torrey, Oster, Hobart, Villaware, Biro and Rival. You might want to check them out when choosing the best product for you.

Types of Home Grinders

Mincing meat has never been simpler before. Meat grinder is an excellent solution for your daily cooked and uncooked meat cutting, slicing, grinding, and mincing. These grinders have been designed to provide you with a quicker and easier method to grind meat for your sausage rolls, sandwich spread, mince pie and a variety of other recipes. There are two types of Home grinders for you to choose from: automatic grinder or a manual grinder.

  • Manual grinders are most suited for households,
  • whereas the electrical grinders can suit both households and businesses.

Heavy duty grinders are available for other industrial requirements.

Home grinders are designed with a funnel on the top that is used to feed the meat or vegetable into the machine. As the handle moves in circular motion, the meat is pushed into the knives that cut or grind the meat based on your requirement. Manual grinders are usually made of aluminium or plastic body and are hence very handy for lifting and shifting in your kitchen.
The automatic grinders operate on electricity and are more advanced with better features when compared to the manual grinders. These electrical grinders have additional cutting plates that vary in sizes designed to provide you a variety in your cooking. This cutting edge technology home appliance can also be used to cut large quantity of meat or vegetables for your soups, salads and other dressing. The speed and quality of an home electrical grinder is better than the manual grinder. However, these are more suited for regular users and are also more expensive when compared to the manual home grinders.

How Much Would a Home Grinder Cost You?

The minimum cost for a manual grinder is about fifty dollars. The price varies with the size of the grinder. Some manual grinders may cost you approximately between one hundred and one hundred and fifty dollars. It is an investment that is assured to yield results.

Buying Tips

What do you need to check before you buy a grinder? Well, you should definitely check if the size of the grinder and the funnel meets your requirements. Ensure the blades, knives are best suited for your style of meat mincing or cutting. It is also important you make a conscious decision between the manual and electrical grinder. If your mincing needs are minimal, the manual grinder should be sufficient. Else, you should consider buying an electrical grinder.

To get the maximum out of your grinder, it is important to ensure you maintain it well, wash the blades regularly and take care that you don’t stuff your funnel. You should not wash the grinder under running water. However, the blades and plates are made of iron and steel and can hence be washed thoroughly under running water. To avoid the any rust formation on your blades, ensure you wipe them dry and smear some cooking oil for lubrication. This will ensure that your blades last longer. Remember, there are a large number of home grinder brands available in the market for you to choose from. Ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to Properly Maintain Your Grinder

Home grinders are becoming an important part of our kitchen equipment. Because we can use them on many different ways, they can help us with many kitchen errands. Although they aren’t expensive, they can be an annoying expense in case they are destroyed. In order to make sure your grinder will work for long time, I have prepared some advices that will keep your grinder in good shape.

1.) Grind cold meat

Because warm meat tends to leak and the fat gets too soft, its recommended to grind only cold meat. Soft fat is not good for the texture of your meat – to make sure everything will be okay, you can even chill the entire grinder before using it or keeping meat in the fridge till the moment of grinding. But be careful – frozen meat can cause serious damage to your grinder, so be sure to defrost it before grinding.

2.) Cut meat into pieces before putting it in the grinder

How small the pieces must be depends on the power of your grinder, but my rule when using grinder is very simple: If Im not sure whether my grinder will be able to grind my meat or not, I cut it into smaller pieces. It only takes me a minute or two and prevents possible damage on the grinder in case of stuck meat.

3.) Use reverse button when necessary

In case your meat gets stuck in the grinder, stop the grinder and use reverse option (for few moments). After that you can continue the process of grinding. If meat gets stuck again, you will probably need to take the meat out and find out what went wrong – were the pieces too big, maybe a bone was accidentally put into the grinder?

4.) Keep the blades sharp

In order to make sure your grinder will work well, you need to keep blades sharp. They are the most essential part of your grinder and if they arent sharp, your grinder wont work as well as it could. To prevent bluntness, it is recommended to use grinders more often (which is not a problem as they are very useful devices). Whey you use your grinder, blades and plates tighten and rub against each other. This keeps them both sharp. In case you think your blades are becoming blunt and you don’t use your grinder very often, consider taking blades out and sharpening them manually.

5.) Wash it after you’re done using it

Its important to wash your grinder after you have done using it to prevent fat or other leftovers stay in it and potentially (over time) cause some damage. Washing is also recommended because of hygiene and health reasons – old meat leftovers mixed with new meat are neither healthy nor hygienic.

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