Best Infant Car Seat Review and Buying Guide


In this post you will be able to find the most popular suppliers of the best infant car seats. With a wide variety of choices and brand names, parents should compare all different car seats based on their criteria. By reading this article, you will find the most popular car seats that everyone is using!!

We will provide all the top rated car seats from the internet for shoppers to compare and study by clicking on their favorable brands.

When parents are searching the car seats for children, they will mainly focus on the brand, the features, the appearance and the price. Features actually are the most critical factor that you need to take serious consideration, because each different car seat do have a different weight limitation for holding the children; and the top rated car seats could hold more weight, it’s easier to put on and off from your car and it’s fabric is also the best quality for your baby. In result, they are more durable for your use but of course they will cost you more. Regarding to the brand and the appearance, they are just subject to your own preference and most of the brands do have a variety choices of color and style just allowing the parents to have a better choice.

Top 6 Infant Car Seat Brands

  1. Garco. Garco is a global brand which has built a strong reputation around the world. Their products are well suitable for today’s lifestyles and their price is also very reasonable to all the parents. Due to its great quality control and stylish design of the products, Graco is now name as the number one wheeled goods manufacturer and number two car seats manufacturer in the UK.
  2. Chicco. Chicco is a well-known brand in infant products around the world. They are specialized in the products of mothers and children up the age of eleven. You would see their shops everywhere in the world, and they have built up a very strong reputation in this industry. Their goal is to help women experience more peaceful, independent, contemporary and relaxed motherhood. They will provide all the needs that parents need for their new born baby.
  3. Evenflo . Evenflo is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of development of innovative and high quality baby equipments. Their products designed to meet all the needs for children from birth to the pre-school years such as car seats, strollers and more. Currently, Evenflo established their marketing and sales operations throughout United States, Canada, Mexico and Philippines. Let’s check out children car seats by Evenflo.
  4. Peg-Perego. Peg Perego is a global leader in the design and production of baby and juvenile products. Peg Perego continues to develop new and value-laden products to the current lifestyles of all the parents. This is the brand where lots of parents will choose from as it has a very strong reputation, especially in North America.
  5. Baby Trend. Baby Trend recently has a great ranking in car Seats for infant. They ranked in the top percentile in this industry in terms of safety, value, and ease of usage. Most reviews show that their creative products could help parents to meet the challenges of their busy stage of life as the design of the products are grateful in terms of safety, features and ease of use. Check out the top rated car seats by Baby Trend.
  6. Recaro. Recargo is an international company that based in German. Recaro is specialized in car seats for both children and adults. With their car safety expertise, they design the car seats with luxurious fabrics with comfort features for the children. This is also a popular well-known infant car seats choice for many parents.

Infant Car Seat Buying Guide

When looking for good infant car seats, what are your preferences? Is it the one that is branded? Is it the latest product of its kind? Although, these are reasonably considered, they are not the best options as to preferences for best car seat for infants.

What is the best infant car-seat, then? The best seat is the one that your child feels comfortable with, the one which fits your car and your budget as well. How will you obtain such a car seat? First and foremost, learn about the product.

An infant seat is a seat intended for newborns weighing about 20-22 lbs, and which faces the rear part of the car. They come in as a car seat and as a carrier to allow effortless transport of the baby. When placed in a car, it should be inclined of at least 45 degrees to make an opening for the baby.

Usually, this infant seat is chosen even before the baby is delivered. This poses another problem. Choosing a certain seat intended for a baby’s use you haven’t seen is not always easy since babies are born with different shapes and sizes.

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Things to Consider

In whatever the case, there are things you need first to consider to get the best one that fits your child when looking for different seats.

  1. To begin with, opt for harness slots. These are the slits in the back of the seat where the harness straps get through. The harness has to appear on the seat that matched up the baby’s shoulders as to any infant seat. Some of these come only with one set of harness slots which are too high for newborns, and too high indicates risky.
  2. Secondly, choose the one which fits your car. You must know that not all car seats are suitable to every car. This is for a fact that some vehicles have humps, sloped seats and buckle configurations making the car seat incompatible to several vehicles.
  3. The best way then is to try it out first if it fits. When you are about to install the seat, made sure that it is properly locked into place by checking your car’s manual. By doing so, you are ensuring your baby’s safety above all.
  4. And finally, it must fit your budget. A car seat which comes awfully expensive does not always mean of high quality. Remember that an infant seat can be used only good for less than a year. It is unwise then to spend too much for a car seat which wouldn’t pay you off.

Opting for a infant car seat that fits your needs while not sacrificing your hard earned income is a brilliant decision.

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Choosing Cheap but Safe Infant Car Seats

Baby car seat is very important for the safety of your infant when you take him with you on your drive. It is definitely dangerous just to put your baby on the passenger seat even you fasten a seat belt on him. There are careless parents that even carry their baby on their lap while driving.

Well, not only this is dangerous but it is also illegal in most places. Do you recall the Britney Spears incidence where she carried one of her babies on her lap while she drives around avoiding the paps?

Any responsible parent must buy a baby car seat for their infants. There are a lot of companies that makes cheap infant car-seats so you will not have a hard time looking for one. But the only problem you will face is in choosing the right one. There are so many brands to choose from that comes with various designs, shapes and colors.

But like most parents, you would probably consider first the price in selecting the car seat for your baby. If you only have a limited budget, then you choose the ones that aren’t that expensive but you can’t substitute safety for anything. That is why you have to choose a cheap but safe indant car seats.

Things to Consider

  1. First, make sure that their harnesses are properly working. Usually, good child car seats have 5-point harness that keeps the baby safely contained in the seat. Then you should also check the head support whether it is comfortable for your baby.
  2. It should also have a peek-a-boo window in its canopy so that parents who constantly checking their little ones can do so easily.
  3. The base of the car seat is also a major consideration. The base should have a latch system so that it would be easy for parents to secure and install the seat to their vehicle. In fact, some seats have additional bases but are being sold separately.
  4. This safety system should be adjustable so that when your baby grow, it can still hold your baby safe and secure.
  5. The handle of the car seat must also be a consideration for parents. Some prefer those with triangular shape which can be very comfortable to the wrist when carrying in and out from the car.

Parents can choose cheap infant car seats. The truth is, most expensive car seat products aren’t always the best. So make sure to buy those that are cheap and safe at the same time.