Best Kids Laptops 2017

One of the booming markets today is laptops for kids. You will see these laptops lining up the shelves in toy stores and electronic stores that you will be most tempted to buy one for yourself. With such a wide array, we cannot blame anybody for getting confused as to which is the best kids laptop.

But first, we must commend parents who consider purchasing kids laptop. You are establishing a good foundation for your children to learn about new things, new ideas and new environments outside of their own set of family and friends. With kid laptops, your children learn about the alphabet, colors and numbers as well as the world around them.

You are also developing physical, mental and social skills with the interactive games found in kids laptops. Think being able to play with other kids, developing hand-eye coordination and performing simple analysis. In short, your financial investment today will earn considerable personal rewards for your children tomorrow and the many tomorrows after.

So, the question remains, what is the best laptop for kids ? To answer your question, we must start with the determination of the primary purpose for which the laptop is being considered in the first place.

If it is meant to be a first learning tool, then toy laptops are the best choice. But if it is meant to be used for school purposes, then we suggest going for a netbook with basic features especially connectivity to the Internet. You may even decide to forego the kid laptops and just go for full-featured laptops if the price difference is just a few hundred dollars especially when your child’s needs in a computer is growing at a fast rate.

Most consumers assert that the main purpose behind the final choice of kids laptop is primarily determined by the age of the recipient. In fact, you will observe that many of the kids friendly laptops are labeled with an age range, which makes it so much easier to narrow down the best laptops for chidlren of a certain age.

For example, manufacturers like Fisher-Price and VTech have lines of toy laptops suited for children 1-3 years old, 4-6 years old and then 9-13 years old. You will just determine your kids age, look at the laptops appropriate for his/her age and then make the final choice in terms of price, features and durability.

No matter your budget, you are sure to find a laptop that will make your child happy and banker happy, too. Many of the kids toy laptops sell for just $20 to $30 each with many in the $100 price range. The best kids laptop in these price ranges usually come from VTech, Fisher-Price and Disney with characters like Elmo, Barbie and Dora.

However, for the laptops that rival full-featured laptops with memory in gigabytes, Internet connectivity and other multimedia applications you should expect higher price tags starting at $200 with many even reaching the $600 mark. Big names in computers like HP and Asus manufacture such laptop for kids.

In the end, however, the best laptop computers for children are the units that allow the children to learn while still providing parents with the peace of mind that their precious kids are not being exposed to undesirable things like lead paint and porn.

Benefits of Laptops for Children

We live in a wired world where almost everybody from toddlers to grandparents knows how to use the computer desktop applications, navigate the Internet and download all sorts of files. If we want our new generation to be as computer-savvy as we are, then we ought to consider children’s laptops in our shopping list.

Your investment is not just in a toy that your children will outgrow in time. A laptop designed with children in mind provides for many benefits in the present, which will accrue to benefits in the future. You will discover that most, if not all, parents who made the decision to purchase a special notebook for their children instead of letting them use the family desktop or laptop computer are enthusiastic of said benefits, which include the following:

  • Fine motor skills like pressing buttons, twisting levers and clicking the mouse are developed by leaps and bounds. Hand-eye coordination is also developed in small children especially when playing the games.
  • Play skills involved in both independent play and co-operative play are also improved and, in the process, good self-image and socialization are also encouraged.
  • Stimulation in the visual, auditory and tactile aspects is improved both through the built-in lessons and the actual experience of using the laptop.

All of these benefits apply to the children’s laptops designed for children in the 1-4 age bracket. You will observe different benefits for laptops designed for older children in the 5-8, 9-12 and 13 years old and above age brackets. In these cases, your children will learn basic computing skills in the use of word and spreadsheet applications, navigating the Internet for research purposes, and even maintaining their own simple blog. You never know if your 5-year old child now can earn money online as a 13-year old tech-savvy Netizen.

Tips to Choose a Good Laptops for Kids

When choosing from among a wide variety of kid-friendly laptops, parents have many considerations to think about. In fact, you may have more factors to consider in comparison with the purchase of full-featured laptops since your childrens physical and mental well-being comes first.

Lets talk about the physical safety involved in children’s laptops. If your child is still a toddler, small parts that can cause choking and other injuries are a definitely no-no. You should also look out for the materials used on the laptop, of which lead paint, mercury and other heavy metals are the most alarming. We suggest asking private organizations and government agencies for a list of recalled kids laptops so that you can avoid them.

As for the mental safety, we suggest looking for laptops with built-in parental controls especially on the units designed for older children. For example, certain undesirable sites can be blocked for access on your kids laptop as well as automatic shut-off after a certain number of hours in use. In this way, you have more control over what, how and why your children can use the laptop.

Indeed, children’s laptops are primarily designed to be an educational tool for your kids. You must then choose with such the main goal in mind and, if your kids enjoy it, then so much better for their development.

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