Best Manual Meat Grinders Review

The manual meat grinder is the most traditional style of meat grinding machine and has been around the longest. The manual grinder is made up of a number of different components including the main unit where the bulk of the grinding takes place, the crank and screw conveyor which force the meat through the main unit, and the mincing blade and screen which shreds the meat into finely graded pieces.

There is some physical labor that is required on your part in order to feed the meat through the grinder, but this usually does not require a lot of force because the soft meat is easily shredded and squished by the sharp edges of the horizontal screw and mincing blade. It can be somewhat tiresome though if you’ve got a lot of meat to process.

Manual grinders are typically less expensive than the other types of grinders because there is less functionality and the do not require electricity. If you’ve got a small amount of meat to grind and you don’t have to grind meat every day, then you may want to consider a manual grinder.

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

If you are tired of paying or waiting for your butcher to grind your meat for you, then maybe you should consider buying your own meat grinder. There are many advantages to owning your own grinder.

Below are two types of grinders and their advantages and overall performance for your review.

Manual Grinder
The reason many people prefer manual grinders is because they believe it lasts longer, has less parts to deal with, is easier to use, and easier to fix because it has less mechanical and motor to worry about. It’s true that manual grinders are a good choice when used to grind smaller quantities of meat, typically one to two pounds, and some would argue it is a good way to exercise your hands, arms and shoulders.

Electric Grinder
Unlike the manual grinder, an electric one allows your hands to be free to do other work and can process meat several times faster and at a larger quantity. There are several different parts to an electric grinder that lets you determine how large or small you want to grind the meat. Most grinders come with three cutting plates and you can find electric grinders price anywhere from $29 to $1000 depending on what you are looking for.

How to choose an electric grinder
There are numerous electric grinder available. They come in many different shapes and sizes and have different parts you can assemble and disassemble so before buying one, compare the key features of each grinder to make sure it meets your needs. some common features would include the power consumtion, a reverse switch, the shape and size, blades and plates, the number of plates inclded, sausage funnels, mixer, and the warranty. You can compare and shop online at sites like Amazon and eBay. The top brands are Hobart, Waring, Cabelas, KitchenAid, Krup, Oster, Villaware, Rival, Biro, Torrey, and Universal.

Electric Grinder is The Most Preferred

Although there are two different types of grinders, the most perfered one is the electric grinder because of their ability to grind all kinds of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, veal, and venison in larger quantities and at a faster rate than when using a manual grinder. Manual grinders are good to use when grinding smaller quantities of meat, the sheer advancement of electric grinders quickly outshine the manual gridner. With the numerous choices to choose from, each have various useful features quick to the touch that will not leave you disappointed.

Manual Meat Grinder

The manual grinder is perhaps the best choice for homeowners especially to those who want to cut and slice poultry, beef, pork and sometimes vegetables on their own. All they need to do is to place the food onto the grinder, select the size of the disc that corresponds with their preferred size of food and then turn the crank attached to it for the food to be grounded. This type of meat grinder is quite popular over the electric grinder because not only is it easy to use, it also saves on electric consumption. The manual grinder is usually preferred by homeowners over the electric ones.

Types of Manual Grinder

There are two types of manual grinders available in stores today.

  1. The first one is the manual grinder that is placed flat on any type of surface while
  2. the second type is one that needs to be attached to a counter for security.

People will find plenty of brands and designs available that is why sometimes they get confused on what to buy. However, knowing what they really need for their kitchen will help narrow down their search. The best way to find one is by determining the amount of food to be made using this machine and of course its price. Some grinders cost about thirty dollars more or less while some can be quite expensive.
The manual grinder is said to be the easiest and the cheapest type of meat slicers available today. Homeowners can easily afford one for their homes to help cut their food to the right size. They can make sausages, breadcrumbs and a whole lot more with this kind of cutting device. Homeowners are sure to enjoy discovering the types of food they can make using the manual grinder.

Recommended Products

  • One of the best manual grinders available today is the Weston #10 Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Grinder. It is usually attached to a countertop for added safety and security. This machine usually includes rubber pads that help prevent any scratches on the surface of the countertop when it is being attached. It can be attached to any type of surface that is about 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • Another example of a god manual meat that is becoming popular nowadays is Universal Manual Food Chopper Grinder, which costs about $26 only. The reason behind why this is loved by many users is that it is designed to have milled iron castings that are precisely cut including rust-resistant finishes that are quite sanitary. Another important factor why this is popular is its long handles along with parts that are sure to last a long time. Most of the cutters used are sharp and can cut through any type of product easily.

Where to Buy
For those who are interested in getting one for their kitchen, the best place to browse for a manual grinder is the Internet, where hundreds of different designs are available. Aside from this, customers will be able to compare prices easily without having to visit different shops locally. Just by searching the Internet, homeowners are sure to find one that best fits their needs.
Online shoppers will have their manual grinder in just two to four days, depending on their location. And once they have it in their hands, they can easily install it anywhere they want to. Gourmet cooking can be done anytime even by those who do not have any experience with the help of manual meat grinders. People will surely enjoy their time in the kitchen with this type of meat grinding machine on hand.


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