Meat Grinder Parts

A meat grinder is, quite simply, a machine used to grind meat, and the process that the grinder undergoes is almost just as simple as that. There are many different meat grinder parts that are needed in order for the grinder to work. Unfortunately, these parts are not sold generally, as the different parts needed vary according to the type of grinder that a person owns. The process is much like the process of an old-style coffee grinder, which was widely used in the past before electric coffee grinders became more popular due to the ease of use.

In the past, grinders were only really seen in kitchens of restaurants and other commercial places, and these grinders were large and heavy duty, able to grind tons of meat in the span of one hour. But it has only been recently that meat grinders have become quite popular as a home appliance, and this is partly because of the large movement for healthier eating that has overtaken the world. Today, it isn’t just chefs that want to have these grinders in their home, but also health conscious people who want to be able to have full control of what they are putting in their food. These machines are now being used in replacement of manual, hammer-like meat mincers and grinders. This is also because grinders have varying parts that can do different jobs, such as the grinder, the slicer, and so many more. The grinders can even be used sans the external parts or through a special hole attachment, and be used to fill sausages.

The process is quite simple: the meat is inserted into a funnel at the top of the machine, which then pushes the meat onto the grinding wheel. The wheel has to be turned either by hand or by a motor, and that is basically how the two different types of grinders are categorized. Understandably, there are more meat grinder parts for a motorized meat that the motor itself needs more parts than the manual kind.
The grinder parts that you buy will depend on the brand, model, and type of grinder that you have. For home grinders, the best brand is currently Waring. For example, the Waring Pro MG-800 is a brushed stainless steel beauty, with a sturdy house as well as a die-cast hopper. Its motor is also quite strong – a heavy-duty 450 watts. It garners high reviews from users, and this is because of the combination of the beautiful design, how it never clogs up, its attachments of cutting plates and sausage makers, as well as its five-year warranty
But for those who are looking for parts, the best and cheapest way to buy them is online. This is because some companies that used to cater only to commercial users are not also catering to home grinder users, and have a much lower price than actual stores. Another good thing about buying these parts online is that they can be shipped right to your doorstep, which eliminates the need to have to go to many different stores just to find the kind of part that you need specifically.
The most common parts that are being sold on the internet are the blades, plates, food pusher, the feed screw, and the motor parts such as screws and the like. For your meat grinder parts to have a longer life, you must make sure to keep them clean at all times. This will prevent any damage or rusting that could end up permanently damaging your grinder.

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