Top 10 Best Meat Slicer Reviews

Well-equipped kitchens have everything you wish for your own home kitchen. But as long as you have the best meat slicers and the generic kitchen tools you can make great dishes faster and safely. This article provides a basic introduction to meat slicing machine and the options available for your selection.

Top 10 Best Meat Slicer Comparison

Image Product Name Blade Size Slicing Thickness Price
Chef's Choice 615 Premium Slicer 7" deli thin - 3/4" check
Chef's Choice 609 Premium Slicer 7" deli-thin -3/4" Check
Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Slicer(Black) 7.5" razor thin - 1/2" Check
Cuisinart FS-75 Slicer(Gray) 7.5" 1/32" - 1/2" Check
Nesco FS-250 Slicer 8.7" paper thin- 9/16 " Check
Della 8.7" Commercial Slicer (Silver) 7.5" up to 5/8" Check
Valle's Stainless Steel Slicer 8.7" up to 9/16" Check
ARKSEN Slicer 7.5" 180 Watt 7.5" up to 5/8" Check
Beswood 10" Premium Slicer 10" 0- 1/2” Check
610 Chef's Choice Premium Slicer 7" deli thin - 3/4" Check

Top 3 Best Meat Slicers Review

Reading our review might be among one of the wisest things that you need to do today. Why do you ask? The reason is because you can actually save yourself some dollars if you invest yourself in a meat slicing machine that you can buy for your home. Having an equipment where you can slice the meat that you buy yourself at home can be a very powerful tool to save money because you can actually save more than ten dollars one week if you do it.

If you go to your nearest deli store to get some sliced meat or ground beef, you need to pay some extra money for paying the butcher to grind or slice the meat. However, if you have the equipment yourself, you can save your money as you are the one who slices and grinds the meat.

Top 3 Editor's Review

1EdgeCraft 609 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

EdgeCraft 609 Chef’s ChoiceOne thing that everyone should ask before he or she buys a random slicer for meat is whether the slicer can only slice meat or whether it is possible for to slice anything. I have told you that owning a machine for slicing a meat is a good investment. However, if you can actually buy a device or a machine that can slice anything, you may not only save yourself a couple of dollars, but you can actually save more than that! This is what you will get if you own the EdgeCraft 609 Chef’s Choice Slicer at your kitchen. With this machine in your own kitchen, you will be able to slice anything in your sight. People have been using this tool not only to slice some meat but also some other things such as fruits and other kinds of food. You can imagine how much money that you can save by having this single machine.

2EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

EdgeCraft 610 Chef's ChoiceThis is one of the best deli slicers out there. A perfect machine for slicing and dicing your way to delicious meals! The image on the justify features the EdgeCraft 610 Premium Slicer. It is a premium deli slicer that is great for cutting meat with it gear driven power.

As one of the top rated food slicing machine it is a highly adaptable, sturdy slicer made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Equipped with a large food carriage, it is also able to be adjusted in order to allow extra large size foods to be slice. Like most tools, it has the feature of thickness control. What makes this different from other devices is the precision. The thickness is able to be controlled to great precision which allows the EdgeCraft 610 to be able to cut thin slices and up to around one inch slices.

Another feature is the tilted feature which allows farther precision and faster slicing. Its efficiency is increased due to this. The fact that it is easy to clean gives people peace of mind. It is because its parts are easily removable which allows for easy cleanup.

For extra safety, the carriage is designed to lock into position which limits access to the slicing blade when it is not in use. It comes with a convenient cord storage for unwanted tangling, and it also comes with its own serving tray.

Compared to many food slice machine, the EdgeCraft 610 Premium is deemed to be on a class of its own. There are countless reviews and ratings regarding this device.

3Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice 615 slicerStill in line with the previous product, the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric food processor has been in the top of the meat-slicing device everywhere. Many people love this machine because it does not only cut and process meat but also anything. In addition, people rejoice the ability of this machine of producing .75 inches cuts just like what your premium deli usually does it for you. The device itself is equipped with a 7-inch blade that can be used to process anything that you want to process. Using this blade, you do not need to wait for a long time to have your food processed by this device. If you are concerned about the safety of this device, you do not need to worry because it is equipped with a special button that will help you securing the blade when you are not using the device cutting and slicing things. This is why many homeowners, especially those who have children, pay to buy this product. Thus, if you love to slice meats but you do not want your kids to get hurt, you need to have this deli slicer at your home.

Best Food Slicers – Top 5 Brands

Meat slicer can also be called deli slicer, food slicer or simply slicer. They are tools that are used in butcher shops and delicatessens but are also becoming popular in households. They are commonly used to slice meats and cheeses and while older models had to be operated via a crank, most of today’s models are run by an electric motor. Some antique models now command a premium price but the modern slicers can be big time savers for the everyday family.

1.Chef’s Choice Slicer Series

Chef's Choice Slicer SeriesThe Chef’s Choice series is manufactured by EdgeCraft. It is a premium product that is known for being reliable and smooth. It is also very powerful and yet can keep the motor cool even at high torque. It is made in stainless steel and cast aluminum and can handle large sized meats if you’re bringing home a supersized roast, ham, or other foods. The controls allow you to cut super thin deli style slices all the way up to 1 inch thick slices. The blade itself is 7 inches and can be easily removed for cleaning and when it’s not being used. A side bonus is that the Chef’s choice also comes with a serving tray to let your guests try the freshly sliced meats you’ve just produced.

2. Weston Heavy Duty Slicer Meat Series

Weston Heavy Duty Slicer Meat SeriesThe Weston slicers are known for their compact design and how easily they can be stored and transported. If you’re on the move often and want to take your slicer with you, this is the product to go with! It has rotary stainless steel blades which are very high quality and can easily be removed come cleaning time. Its food tray also has a large capacity and tilts outwards which helps in the cleaning process. The thickness control for the size of the slices can be set for anywhere between deli-thin to over 0.5 inch. You can use this meat slicing machine for all of your meats, cheeses, and vegetables to product a quality slice quickly and accurately.

3. Continental Professional Deli Slicer Series

Another option is the series put out by Continental Commercial Products. Their professional series models allow you to tilt the base which makes it easier to get a precise, commercial-grade slicer. Their food platform can be extended which helps when you’re trying to slice extra large foods. A stylish stainless steel food tray is usually also included to serve your prepared foods. The Continental has upgraded safety features including an interlock switch that prevents the device from starting up accidentally. Like other models, you can also adjust the size of slice that you’re looking for from deli-thin up to extra thick.

4. Deni Electric Meat Slicer Meat Pro Series

Deni SlicerThe Deni model is a quality purchase that you can make for your kitchen. It is ideal for home use and many families use it to buy meats in bulk and then slice them only when needed. Examples of what can be sliced on the Deni include boneless meats, cheeses, and breads. You can even make coleslaw by slicing up lettuce and cabbage! Another popular treat is to make homemade potato chips by slicing potatoes. The Deni promises to slice your food perfectly every time without any shredding and it’s food pusher was created so that you can hold on to the food in place while safely slicing out quality portions.

5. Waring Pro Food Slicer Series

Waring Pro Slicer SeriesThe Waring Pro is coated with steel and die-cast aluminum which gives a sleek design as well as ensures a long-lasting professional performance. A great feature about the Waring is that it has suction cup feet on the bottom which help prevent it from moving while you’re using it. The slice knob control allows you to adjust the thickness of your slices anywhere from 1/32″ up to 9/10″ – it’s easy to use and just takes a twist of the knob. The motors are usually very heavy duty and come with a 5 year warrantee in case anything should happen to it. Overall the Waring can help save you time, effort, and money as this product is designed specifically for home use and can fit in kitchens of any size.

Types of Meat Slicers

Food slicers are important additions to a busy kitchen and food gourmets and chefs rely on this piece of equipment instead of a knife to slice meats and cheeses to get the right texture for certain recipes. The machines are classified into 2 types, electric and manual. Both of these types provide the slicing finesse you have seen in the meals prepared in posh restaurants and those electric meat slicers you have seen at the butchery is your electric meat slicer, does it not make the butcher’s work faster and efficient?

type of slicers

For your selection, electric meat slicers are available for heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty uses. For the home the light duty slicers with a 9 inch blade can handle the slicing load for everyday use. These are easy to clean and maintain and come in compact sizes and some models have a built-in sharpener system add to your convenient maintenance of the slicer. If you prefer the manual slicer for home use, the one piece unit with a removable sharpener would provide you the same cutting edge quality.

Larger machines are perfect for food industries and businesses involved in meat preparation. These slicers can be quite noisy while in operation but are versatile too; these can cut meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads and fruit, in desired thickness or thinness with relative ease and in less time.

Top Meat Slicer Brands

You can find top-of-the-line food slicers such as American Harvest, Berkel, Chef’s Choice, Centaur, Deni Slicer, Eurodib, and lots more brands in the market. When choosing your slicing machine, check the blades. These slicers are classified by the size of their cutting blade. Take your pick – whether it is for business or for your home cooking you will do fine with the right choice.

Best Food Slicer Buying Guide

The list above is a list of the best meat slicers in the market. The rating is mostly based off of five (5) major factors: customer reviews, specifications, usage, features, and price. Different customer reviews are the main important factors to take into consideration since you would want to know what others who have purchase the machine have to say about it. One should always see the reviews prior to owning a particular slicer. By knowing what their thoughts are will help you make a better decision.

Specifications and features are important because they refer to the device itself such as what is included, what it is capable of, and the special features it comes with. By consulting to individual reviews, one will get an overall knowledge and overview of the specs and features of the appliance. Overall usage ties in with customers’ reviews on the different devices and their personal use of that device. Some examples of opinions on usage pertaining to a deli slicer would be how easy it is to clean up after being used. It does not have to be limited to just how well the appliance can be operated and used. It could pertain to after usage such as if it is easy to put away in storage.

Although price is varied and is not an absolute factor, a price tag is something most people considered about before purchase. The price can be seen as a good thing or bad. One example on how the rating is determined by price is referring to a certain machine to be a good deal for the features it brings or if there are other options that are better to choose from. This pretty much ties in everything like the customers reviews, all the pros and cons on the specs and features that the machine provides, and definitely the usage of the device. It does not have to only relate to those points. There are many things, kind of like sub-factors, one should take into consideration pertaining to their prices.

Best Electric Meat Slicers 2017

Electric meat slicers have taken the tedium of manual meat slicing. Primarily used in restaurants and meat shops, the machines are now becoming kitchen fixtures in more homes. The newer designs are efficient and versatile and easy to clean, which make them appealing to homemakers who love to cook.

Electric Meat Slicer – How It Works

The earliest meat slice machine showed up in delis and butcher shops and to make it work, it was manually cranked. As things would go, improvements were made on the machine to cater to different demands. The food slicers with different features are the latest improvement on the old-fashioned machine and newer compact models, which also provide the same smooth precision meat slicing, are becoming home kitchen equipments.

Kitchen knives can slice meats but do not do a good job of slicing ham or bacon into ultra thin strips for special meat recipes or bread knives cannot do a beautiful job of turning perfectly thin sliced crusty breads. Table top budget-friendly electric food slicer can both do the job superbly and easily and in less the time usually spent slaving with kitchen or bread knives. These counter-top slicers have an ergonomic design that allows tilting of the food carriage, and a precision thickness control. It also has safety features which make it ideal for home kitchen use.

To use the device, the speed knob is adjusted before the meat is placed between the running blades. Smaller blades are recommended for breads and smaller pieces of meat but for bulk meat slicing, a larger blade can handle heavy duty slicing of all kinds of meat. An experienced food slicer will still follow the rules in cutting meat or as required by the recipe – across or with the grain.

To use the gadget, care must be exercised to prevent accidents. In the home, this equipment should be kept out of reach of inquisitive children.

Electric Meat Slicer – Why You Should Have One ?

Food is always a favorite topic and a kitchen should have all the cooking gadgetry and a food slicer should top the list if meat recipes are frequently prepared. For those who frequently host dinners and parties, this valuable equipment will help create superb meat cuts, finely sliced cheeses, breads and vegetables. Chop it or slice it, the machine does all the slicing and chopping chop with bits and pieces flying all over the place.

Individuals with a passion for cooking should do right by investing on a light to medium duty slicer. This is easy on the pocket and delivers the expected performance and efficiency and will go a long way thus giving you value for your money. It has the same features of the commercial slicer but scaled down to make it appropriate for home use.

Electric Meat Slicers – Types and Brands

For the homemaker, the medium duty or economy slicers with 8″ up to 14″ blade is perfect. With versatile slicing features and slicing control systems, anyone can slice meats like a professional. Bigger devices designed for heavy use have larger blades starting with 12″ to 14″. This is perfect equipment for catering, restaurants, delis, commissaries, and meat shops.

Favorite brands in the market are Professional Electric, Chef’s Choice, Berkel, American Harvest, and more. Each of these brands has different models and features. Choose the best electric meat slicers for your needs but make sure that model is easy to clean. Ask for a product warranty and inquire about the availability of spare parts before pick out your slicer.

Best Home Meat Slicers

Homemakers are taking on the cordon bleu cooking style and are stuffing up their kitchen with the latest cooking utensils and gadgets to make their work easier while turning out stylishly prepared meat recipes for the family. One such gadget is the home meat slicer that is fast becoming a favorite kitchen must-have in many homes.

Choosing Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

If you think the machine is an unnecessary expense, think again. This gadget can do more than slice your pot roast. It can finely slice pork belly for home-made bacon, excellently slice cheese into classy thin strips, and slice vegetables and fruits to any desired thinness. Yes, you read it right; it can slice vegetables and fruits. The versatility of the device makes it a good buy these days.

Anyone can prepare enchanting beef wellingtons and beef stroganoff and other easy or sophisticated meat preparations. Instead of hurdling tough cuts of meat with the trusty old kitchen meat knife, using the appliance, whether it is manual or electric, makes the job easier and done in less the time usually spent slicing and hacking through meat and bones with a butcher’s knife. Nothing can be more frustrating than wasting too much time slicing meat when there are other tasks to do ahead before the guests arrive.

Home meat slicers with professional features can boost a home cook’s culinary effort. The home food slicer can shave meats and cheeses and prepare vegetables for the grill and slice country bead to perfection. Unlike heavy-duty or commercial slicer, the gadget operations quietly or at lower nose volume. For safety, this slicer comes equipped rubber feet and automatic on/off safety switch. Since this is compact and small and usually weighs 13 lbs. and measures 4″x10″ x 11″x1/4″ so it won’t be too heavy to work with. It cleans up easily too.

Get One for Your Home

Want to get more slices from a small roast? You can’t believe the number of slices you can get out of your roast. With more roasts to go around, your meat budget is further stretched. Just imagine the number of cheese slices you can wrangle from a regular cheese packet!

Get adventurous with your cooking style and show off your culinary skills with the help of home meat slicers. It will be easy for you to prepare hams and cheeses for cocktails, cook beef recipes for a troop of family and friends any time.

Do away with the hassles of slicing tough meat and doing a balancing act while slicing cheeses and vegetables. This convenience and the time-saving feature of the device make it a smart buy for your culinary adventure and/or daily home food preparation.

Top Home Meat Slicer Brands in the Market

Homemakers can find different product brands for home meat slicers for economy designs and more sophisticated models. There are several brands that offer slice meat machines for under $100 up to a thousand dollars and more. It’s your pick but choose the best one that offers more versatility if budget is not a problem. Brands include Chef’s Choice, Professional Electric, Waring, Hobart, and Berkel to name a few.

Best Commercial Meat Slicer of 2017

Commercial meat slicer is designed to handle bulk or frequent meat slicing. The machine you have in the butcher’s shop is a fine specimen of the commercial meat slicers. It is not huge but sized enough and packed with versatile features to cut up beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and cheeses.

Uses of Industrial Meat Slicers

Commercial meat slicers are usually electrically-powered models but there are several equally good performing manual models. Basically this type of food slicer shares the same features such as chromium steel blades, bigger wider steel blades for more slicing options, adjustable control knobs to adjust to different textures of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

Commercial establishments such as restaurant kitchens have different food slicing machine are installed for different applications. One unit will be especially meats, another for poultry and/or vegetables and fruits to prevent contamination or cleaned scrupulously before it is used to slice bread or fruits after the unit to slice meats. In delis, these are use to slice different kinds of cheeses, hams and sausages.

Larger and heavy-duty slice meat machine are used in the meat processing companies. These are heavier to withstand several pounds of raw meat and are very versatile too. All commercial slice meat machine have safety features and speed control buttons for different slicers and sizes and have built-in or removable blade sharpeners. These are also easy to clean but must be done by a trained employee as some models are more technically intricate.

Do You Need a Commercial Meat Slicer ?

The idea of the machine may not appeal to the homemaker but there several models that can be used at home. The commercial tag only implies heavy-duty capacity and if the household requires a lot of meat recipes for family meals and parties, the device should be a top pick. In addition, this can be used for fruits and vegetables and delicate to hard cheeses.

If you are venturing into the catering business, it would save you money to cut your own meats and cheeses instead of buying these from the deli. This investment is worthwhile and worth every dollar spent on it.

Several models are available too. There are economy models which are manually operated. Machines for fast-paced food preparation and stylish presentation is an option the food business requires it. Do not pick out a commercial slicer because you are planning to go into the catering business but get one that fits your cooking requirement – speed and smooth meat slices for your parties. Professional chefs prefer commercial slice meat machine for these reasons.

Types and Brands of Commercial Meat Slicer

Commercial meat slicer whether manually or electrically powered provide optimum commercial requirements for meat slicing. Among the brands available are Cecilware, Chef’s Choice, Waring, Hobart, and Berkel among others. All of these conform to the strict European Quality standards on safety.

Always ask for the warranty of the unit and the availability of spare parts. Dealers will be happy to provide you more product information and useful tips such as where to get your device repaired if necessary.

Commercial Grade Meat Slicer For Sale

There are many places to find commercial meat slicers for sale. When you are buying one to use, you want to make sure that it is in good working order if it is used, and if it is new, you want to check and see if it comes with a warranty to prevent you from having to buy a new one if it breaks.

When shopping for the machine, if you have in your area a restaurant supply store, you will want to start there. There are many great options here to find commercial meat slicers for sale. You will find new products that are generally the hottest thing on the market, and they can be relatively expensive.

If you don’t have a restaurant supply store in your area, you want to take a look at resale stores, restaurant closings, old grocery stores and other places like that. There you may be able to find a great used commercial slice meat machine for sale. By purchasing one used, you may not have to pay an arm and a leg to get the machine that you are looking for.

Another great option is online auction sites. These are great because they give you the option to find the entire product you are looking for in one place. By bidding online, you can take advantage of the lowest prices that are out there, especially low prices that you can get by bidding for an item.

Along those same lines, if you are shopping online, check out all the restaurant supply stores that are online. You may be able to find your device on these sites for an affordable price. Once you find the one that you like, you can shop that brand online and find all of the best deals out there. It makes shopping easy. Just be sure to check the shipping and return policies.

Once you find your slicer, you’ll want to be sure that you know what you are getting. If it is new, be sure it comes with a warranty, so if something happens to it, you can return it or get it repaired at no cost to you. A warranty on something like this should last for at least a year, and guarantee the device.

If you are purchasing a used one, you want to make sure that it works. Be sure to get it certified if you can’t see it that it is in working order. You don’t want to buy one that doesn’t work, if it is something serious, it may cost you a lot more to fix it than it is worth.

Buying the best commercial meat slicers is an investment. Be sure to check out the product you are getting, there are lots of great options out there for you. Whether you find it online, in the store, or at an auction, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.


There are so many advantages that you can get if you own a meat slicer at your own home. For example, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money because you do not have to buy some meat with the deli quality because with the device that you own at your kitchen, you will be able to have the meat with the same quality similar to that of the deli. We believe that this best home meat slicer reviews has helped you to get the best out of your kitchen.

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