Best Meat Tenderizers 2017


A meat tenderizer is a fundamental part of cooking meat, and for more than just one reason, the basic type is a meat mallet which has pointy spikes on the sides to penetrate the meat, another similar tool is a meat pounder its easier to use and lightweight, they’re usually made of metal being that its the easiest to pound with but there are some made of plastic too, the purpose of this is firstly for the the basic idea of pounding out the meat or chicken to thin it out and making it wider.

But there is also a important cooking purpose to this too and that is through pounding the meat you are separating the fibers especially important for large slobs of meat making it easier to chew and digest, aside from that it gives the meat uneven edges helping it pick up the marinades, another type of meat tenderizing tool are those that help the actual tenderizing which are called a blade tenderizer that uses thin blades to pound the meat separating the fats, which is another great way to soften the meat, but that’s not all. There’s a second upside to this too through pounding with blades it makes small but not messy holes which helps the meat tenderize in its juices, of course that also helps the actual cooking too.

best meat punder

Meat Pounder

Now as you probably know you can also tenderize meat in different ways, either by soaking it in vinegar and oil as one, or using a tenderize spice, but if you had the choice wouldn’t you rather not soaking your steak in foreign juices or liquids, or putting unnecessary spices, that’s another great reason to use the tool, and to make it easier and better there are even electric tenderizers so you don’t really have to do much at all, and its mess free and easy to clean, or the kind you can roll over the meat like a pizza cutter, with adjustable blades for the depth of the cut, there are plenty of meat tenderizers you can choose from right here on the buy page, you’ll be surprised by the amount of choices and different types there actually are.

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Meat Will Melt in Your Mouth with Meat Tenderizers

You’ve probably eaten steaks that are tough to chew and that can make the experience rather miserable. As a matter of fact, such toughness can make your teeth and jaw hurt from having to work so hard to chew the meat. Furthermore, tough meat is a choking hazard. If you are unable to chew it properly, you risk swallowing a large piece of it and that piece of meat can become lodged in your esophagus. With a meat tenderizing machine, you can avoid painful chewing and choking hazards.

How Meat Tenderizers Work

As for how this tool works, it is an enzyme that breaks down collagen, the protein that holds meat together. Aside from having to use a meat hammer to beat the meat to tenderize it, enzymes are the only other way to truly tenderize meat.

meat hammer

meat hammer

And when you want to tenderize your meat, you do so before you cook the meat for the best results. Most of these enzyme tenderizers come in the form of a powder that is sprinkled on the meat. Once the tenderizer comes in contact with the meat, it starts to dissolve some of the collagen connections within the meat when kept at room temperature. As this process occurs, the meat is made more and more tender.

However, you cannot let the tenderizer act too long because the meat can become squishy and will not hold together when you cook it. This means you need to start cooking the meet after letting the tenderizer do its job. You can follow the instructions on the tenderizer to help you achieve the tenderness that you desire. The longer you let the meat sit at room temperature and the more tenderizer that you use, the more tender the meat will be.

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Meat Mallet

And yes, you can use a meat hammer as a tool to tenderize meat. If you re not comfortable with using enzymes on your meat, although they do not hurt you when you ingest them, you can use a meat tenderizing tool. The tool looks like a hammer and you use this to hammer the meat. By beating the meat you are able to disconnect some of its fibers, making it much easier to chew and relieving the fear of choking on a piece of meat that your teeth simply can’t penetrate. Unfortunately, tough meat is one of the reasons behind why there are so many choking accidents. You especially want to ensure that meat is tenderized when children are eating it. You can cut the meat into small pieces for children, but sometimes that does not matter when they are unable to chew it.

So when you need an effective tool to tenderize meat, you have your choice of the enzyme powder to break down the collagen within the meat and the meat hammer where you physically tenderize the meat by beating it. What you choose strictly relies upon your preference. Nevertheless, you will be able to chew your meats with ease and better savor the flavors rather than spend all of your energy on chewing.