Non Contact Infrared Thermometer


Owning a non contact thermometer provides many advantages. Non-contact thermometers are infrared thermometers. They measure the temperature of objects, surfaces, or materials. They can, also, be used to measure the temperature of the ambient surroundings. Everyone could use one of these thermometers for a variety of practical and fun applications. There are lots of uses for a non contact thermometer throughout daily life. They can read the temperature of almost anything. Non contact thermometers are convenient in many ways. There are different types of non contact thermometers available.

The thermometers can be used for measuring the temperature of foods to ensure that foods are cooked properly and stored (refrigerated, frozen, and fresh) properly. They can be used for health reasons. Non contact thermometers measure human body temperature accurately. Not having to touch the ill person helps to limit the exposure to germs and bacteria. Many hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices are using non contact thermometers to help reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. These thermometers can be used to check for heating and air conditioning leaks around the house. They can be used to trace electrical problems and to check various temperatures when doing auto maintenance. And, they can be used for curiosity; to discover the temperature of almost anything.

The style, quality, capability, and price of a an infrared thermometer can vary greatly. A little time invested in comparison shopping can be very beneficial. A few of the best selling are:

  1. The Kidz-Med 5-in-1 Thermometer: This thermometer is designed for kids. It can be used to take the child’s temperature without having any contact with any germs or bacteria. The thermometer allows the child’s temperature to be checked without disturbing him or her. This thermometer reads an accurate temperature from forehead, navel, and armpit. It, also, works well for a baby’s formula, food, and bath. It is available online from KidzMed for $69.99.
  2. The IRTN400L1 Professional Grade Infrared Thermometer: This “workhorse” infrared thermometer is made for durability, reliability, and accuracy. It has a temperature range from -76F degrees to 932F degrees. The D:S (distance to spot) ratio is 12:1 providing accuracy from a distance. It has an amber backlit LCD display and an auto off feature. This thermometer has an extra bright laser for pinpoint accuracy. It is available online from TechInstrument for $69.00.

Non contact thermometers are advantageous in many everyday applications. Searching the internet will provide information and an assortment of thermometers to view.