Best Outdoor Barbecue Grill – Electric and Gas


Outdoor barbecue grilling is a very popular method of cooking. In fact, approximately 75 percent of U.S. households have a grill. Firing up the outdoor grill is an American pastime. There is something about gathering around the grill and cooking up some good food that just says relaxation and celebration. There is no better way to enjoy an afternoon or evening with family and friends.

Some Popular Types of Outdoor Grill:

  • Charcoal Grills – Are classic outdoor bbq grills! The trusty old charcoal grill is versatile and cooks great food. Charcoal is a great fuel for producing long-lasting, smokey heat to cook all your grilled foods. A bit more messy and time consuming than gas grills but dedicated users feel the flavour is worth it. One of my favourite charcoal smoker & grill is the Brinkmann Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill.
  • Gas BBQ Grills – Gas grill, usually fuelled by a propane tank, is fast, clean and easy. It cooks great grilled food and with the addition of a smoker box to hold some mesquite, hickory or other smoking woods you can even get some of those great smoke flavours. Many propane gas grills now come standard with a rotisserie attachment, which is considered one of the essential bbq grill accessories to have.
  • Electric Grills – Has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of decades as being an efficient and safe way to grill all sorts of foods. One of the advantages of the indoor / outdoor electric grill is that the units can be plugged directly into an outlet. There is no need to remember to pick up charcoal before you can grill.

If you’re using your grill for outdoor purposes, having a grill cover will protect them from direct exposure to sun and rain is essential. There are gas grill covers for gas grills and all sorts of grill covers available for you to choose from. It is important to select the right material and the right size for your grill to ensure a tight fit.

After you have selected a barbeque grill, you’ll be able to spend even more time on your patio in the spring and autumn months. So how can you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere?

Get some Furniture
Now that you’ve got the atmosphere and the food, you’ll need a place to sit.

If your patio is out in the open and has no awning or roof, be sure to buy outdoor patio sets that can wipe down easily and resist the elements. Plastic patio furniture is a good choice but it is not stable especially in windy conditions and can become bleached and brittle after years of exposure to heat and sunlight.

Teak wood is another great option as it durable and are highly resistant to rain, sun and pests and is sure to last a long time without much maintenance. You can also consider cast aluminium which is lighter and easier to wipe down, while wrought iron is heavier and sturdier, but not as easy to clean.

Adding an outdoor patio swing to your setting will make it even more inviting. Whether you have a covered porch or not, porch swings provide you with a relaxing place to rest while enjoying the outdoors.

If you prefer something that does not takes up too much space, you can consider a hammock. There are portable hammock, hammock chair and hammock swing for you to choose from. A popular choice is the hammock with stand. You can set it up anywhere from the porch to the patio or by the poolside to sunbath, relax and read during the summer months.