The Recaro Pro Ride review

The Recaro automobile seats are designed for flexibility in as far as the installation on the car is concerned. The seat, which offers several safety features, can be used as a forward-facing or rear-facing seat on a car. It has the highest weight capacity for a convertible child seat.


The automobile’s seat has a five-point harness system, easy to use head restraint adjusters, vehicle belt lock-off mechanism, and harness for ultimate convenience and comfort. Its other important safety features include:

Built-in latch system. Its design comes with a mere push-of-a button latch system, which makes the seat easy to secure to the vehicle. It has a universal top tether system for extra anchor.
Engineered for safety with side-impact protection. Its design is intelligent protects the child when there are side-impact car crashes. Its improved head wings protect the face and the head, while the head rest lessens the neck movement. To stabilize the pelvis and torso, the vehicle’s seat has reinforcements on its hips, thighs, and sides.
Easy-adjust safety harness & belt lock-off. The purpose of belt lock-off is to avoid slippage from the car’s seat belt. Its five-point front-adjusting harness is customizable according to the child’s growing needs. When the automobile seat is used as forward-facing, its weight capacity is 70 pounds.
Ergonomic seat. The Recaro Proride child seat can mold to ensure child safety with its ergonomic shell structure. The seat is cozy and pleasant for short and long trips. There are soft pads on the harness system and automotive PUR foam on its head restraint.
The baby seat from Recaro offers convenient pockets. The fabric used is easy-to-clean with mesh inserts on the cover materials. There is also an air circulation system integrated on the mesh insert to ensure the child is well ventilated.

The Recaro child seat has manual instructions upon purchase. The color available includes blue opal, misty, midnight, and envy. Its weight is 20.5 pounds. Upon shipment, its weight is 26.1 pounds.

The proride baby seat earned many positive reviews on Amazon. Reviewers specifically mentioned the carseat’s comfort and safety. Its intelligent design for its safety ensures the child is protected from the side impact of car crashes. There are gears to protect the child’s head, neck, hips, and thighs. The harness and belt lock-off are adjustable to secure the child as he grows. Even its weight is enhanced as it can accommodate a child of 70 pounds when seated in a forward-facing position, without sacrificing the safety.

It is also convenient to install and be seated upon as reviewers mentioned that its latch system, which works on a push of a button, makes it easy to secure onto the vehicle. The top-tether system is universal and integrated for extra anchor. Even its recline lever on rear-facing position is adjustable so the seat can be secured on the backseat of the car. The harness is especially flexible because unlike most harness systems in carseats, the proride’s is never outgrown by the child’s height.

The reviewers also did not miss the seat’s fabric. The proride uses easy-to-clean colors and fabrics. The mesh inserts on the vehicle’s seat’s cover materials have air circulation system so the child will not be soaked on sweats during the ride. One reviewer mentioned that her residence is in Texas, and the use of air circulation comes a necessity on summers.

The best selling point of Recaro pro ride carseat is the fact that its safety standards far exceeded the safety standards issued by the United States of America and even in the European Union.

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