Best Spice Grinders review

With time, grinders for spices have evolved from being a little stone vessel to a full fledged electric appliance. The choice of the best spice grinder depends upon your need for them and the kind of spices you grind on a general basis. For hard spices that require a lot of effort, you’d need heavy duty ones that can withstand the effort and not break under pressure.

The other thing that influences your choice is the cost of the grinder. People do not like spending a fortune on grinders as they believe it serves a limited purpose. Whatever be the consideration, spices grinders today have become an essential with respect to the growing popularity of spicy food. Here is a list of some good grinders from various brands.

Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder – This stainless steel grinder runs on a 140 watt motor and has been deemed fit for grinding coffee and spices. The 3 ounce capacity grinder is such a powerful one that it claims to grind coffee beans to fine coffee powder in a matter of seconds, additionally there is a pulse action button that enhances the already fine quality of the ground spices. The blades are also made of stainless steel and offer quick mincing and grinding facilities. It comes with a safety lock lid to prevent leakage and it is available for sale at $29.99.

Cuisinart Electric Spice and Nut Grinder – This durable and heavy duty grinder can take care of all your grinding needs, whether it consists of grinding semi hard spices like clove or hard coated nuts, it has performed effectively every single time. The capacity of the grinder is 90 grams and it also features an extra storage in the lid, the rubberized base give it a steady and secure footing, preventing it from getting knocked off of the counter. The sleek and stylish design in just an added bonus, it is put up for sale at $39.95.

NorPro Spice Grinder for Hard Spices – A lot of grinders give way when it comes to grinding hard spices like nutmeg, but this grinder has been especially configured for grinding spices that have a harder texture and that too in seconds. The design is convenient as it allows the user to use the grinder by rotating a handle which takes care of the entire grinding procedure. The model number for the product is 775 and it is priced at $12.27.

Wooden Herb grinder – A grinder that incorporates the traditional method and has to be used solely by ones own hands. The grinder is deigned like a case where the spices can be put and which has to be then rotated in order to grind the spices. Convenient fast and easy to use, this grinder comes at an attractive price of $7.77.

Grinders for spices are used for grinding not only spices but also for grinding coffee and other herbs, choosing the one that perfectly compliments your needs is essential.

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