The Best Tankless Water Heater 2017

If you are looking for the best tankless hot water heater to get installed in your house you will need to know which the best machine for your particular circumstances is, and why these relatively new devices are the choice to make.

More efficient than the old style of water heater, the tankless hot water heater is designed to heat water on demand as it passes through the system, acting as an instant hating device. This has many benefits, not least among them that it does away with the need for a constantly heated tank of hot water. This was always an inefficient method of holding hot water, and even serious lagging and insulation could not stop heat escaping from the tank, a costly and very inefficient occurrence.

The fact is that the water heating machine cost savings will easily outweigh the cost of the new system, as the increased efficiency is just one part of the advantage. You can buy many different sizes and types of heater, each with a specific use, as you will see in the reviews in these pages, but deciding on the right one for you is something that is never going to be the work of a moment.

You need to take into account a number of factors, not least the cost element – setting a budget in advance helps – and the power of the system required, and also to consider whether a gas water heater or an electric powered heater is best for you. In some cases you may be restricted to one or the other, yet each is efficient and impressive in its own way.

Having hot waters on demand without the need to store it is undoubtedly a worthy cost saving, and in the following reviews we will give you prices, output levels and more, and explain any jargon that may confuse. Choosing the best machine for your house should be easier if you use this review, and we hope that we will make things simpler for you as a result.

We will take a look at some of the best known brands in the business, with well known names such as Bosch, Takagi, Rinnai and Noritz – each of whom have a wide selection of impressive machines on offer – and outline the different power levels and types of heater that you may want to consider.

This review is intended to give you an overview of the market, and will undoubtedly help in your quest to find the right one. Have a look at the information provided and you will see that choosing good tankless water heaters for your home is about understanding what these great machines do for you.

Best Tankless Water Heaters Review 2017

Rheem RTE 13

best tankless water heater reviewsRheem is among best manufacturers in the world that produce quality tankless water heaters. In fact, by judging from its popularity from Amazon, one may see that Rheem is one of the best products that one can buy online or even offline. This product is ideal for apartment or homeowners who only have one shower or two showers at maximum. If your house or apartment has more than two showers, this might not be a good product for you. Thus, if you are living alone or with one roommate, the Rheem RTE might be a good choice for you. Now, what makes this product chosen by many people in Amazon? As I have told you earlier that this product is good for people who are still single or live alone, the price of Rheem has been one of the major dealmakers for people who do not want to shower in a cold water. However, because of its price and its small size, you should not expect that this machine comes powerfully.

The Ecosmart ECO 27

best tankless water heater reviewsIf the power of the previous product to bother you, you may need to pay a bit more money to buy the Ecosmart ECO 27. When we said that you have to pay a bit more for this one, we really meant it because you may only need to pay a couple of dollars more. Many people who have been using the Ecosmart ECO 27 have testified that the product helps them a lot going through a cold winter. Therefore, if you think that this winter is going to be very harsh, you may need to change your old stuff and change it with this one. In addition to that, the lifetime warranty that the manufacturer gives to you may be a good deal maker for you. However, you need to read the warranty carefully has there are so many people who have been complaining about the after sales of this product. Even though the cases of this product failing within a year are rare, people who are unlucky to have their product not working within several months have been saying that they receive a bad customer service.

4 Top Tankless Water Heater Brands

TITAN Water Heaters

In recent time, with high-energy costs and gas prices, everyone seems to be on their way to save money. With houses being built up in large numbers, it is a wise idea to invest in a Titan heater. It helps you make use of your space efficiently, since it is quite smaller than those standard heaters. Then, why purchase Titan’s products?

With a Titan heater, there is no need to worry about floor space in the floors or basement area. This is because the water systems of titan are installed only on your wall. For a big home, this is a huge saving, since homeowners of big houses need to install many heating machines.

Top Titan’s Products
There are some branded electric heaters available such as SCR-1, SCR-4 and SCR-5 from Titan. Their brand offers great features for your dream house, for example:

  • Designed to fulfill the demands of northern as well as southern Climates
  • Thermostatically control temperature on front 4 GPM
  • 60% more energy consumption than those standard electronic heaters
  • 99.55% efficiency
  • Warranty for 10 years on water-carrying parts and one-year warranty on rest of the units
  • Space saver
  • For use with soft, hard or well water
  • Easy to Install


Often big homes have three heaters to fill their requirements. Usually, there will be a single machine on every face of the house. Alternatively, if the house is not very long but has three stories, it is a better idea to have the machine in the third floor.

You can install the it anywhere in your home, under the sink or in the kitchen or bathroom. Numerous advantages of Titan machines include their handiness, less consumption of space and of course, cost-effectiveness.

Reliance Water Heaters

Reliance provide a wide range of water heating device. Reliance offers two main types of devices such as gas and electric machines. Reliance gas heaters come in wide range of shapes and sizes, for instance, tall, short, and mobile units. The gas heaters come with a twelve-year warranty of the tank and parts.

The Reliance come in all sizes from tall to lowboy models. Electric heaters give customers a lifetime warranty on the tank and parts. Both, the gas and electric heaters are great space saving setups so they will not take up a lot of room.

Since there are two types of Reliance hot water-heaters, the models have different features. The company offers several gas heaters The Ultra low NOx model uses a technology called enhanced combustion. This technology meets requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District NOx emission. Ultra low NOx model comes in 30, 40, and 50-gallon model.

Reliance’s Top Product
Reliance Self-Cleaning STA-KLEEN1212 Series comes in tall and short structures. This model among Reliance water heaters forbids sediment build-up. It also ensures that there is no leakage-taking place. It uses less energy for its operation, thus reducing high-energy bills.

The Reliance electric heater has around eight models. The Self- Cleaning 909 Series come in two sizes tall and medium models. There is a nine years warranty on the tank and parts. This model prevents sediment formation and thus, saves on power and electricity bills.

Self-Cleaning STA-KLEEN Lifetime provides a lifetime warranty of the heater. It gives out 5500 watts per hour power, which is more than sufficient for any hot water requirement. This model comes in two sizes. One is the tall size heater and the other is a medium size heater. This model prevents leakages and reduces the high-energy bill.

Thus, Reliance products provide problem free heaters. Reliance also provides its costumers with great custom service.

BOSCH Water Heaters

Bosch manufactures different types of heaters, which work on electricity and gas. People, who purchase Bosch heaters, are eligible to obtain $300 FTR (Federal Tax Rebate).

Bosch 125 series are the most widely used products. These heaters are available in several sizes to suit the requirements of families and commercial firms. Installation procedure of Bosch heaters is easy. Then there is the Bosch 250 series, which supplies constant hot waters in larger quantities. Using Bosch series 250, you can assess the water through over two outlets at a time, whereas if you use the Bosch 125 series, you will be able to access water through one source only

Bosch’s Top Product
Bosch HD is one of the best tank free water heaters that is available in the market. Large hotels, businesses and restaurants that need plenty of water install such heaters. The CD series Bosch heaters are a latest addition. Special feature of these series is that people can mount these heaters outdoors since they sustain any temperature.

Bosch Solar water system is also one of the newest products in the Bosch series. Individuals who live in regions with abundant sunlight can buy this device. Few states offer 30% tax rebate for installing this system. The reason is it does no involve any pumps, electricity or components, thereby saving lot of energy.

Other Features:

When you buy any of the Bosch heaters, you receive a manual that contains detailed instructions. You also get Bosch accessories, which include wall ventilators, mounting brackets, remote controls, and outdoor ventilators and back flow preclusion kits. If you have any questions, you can resolve them by calling the 24-hour consumer support.

Warranty period of the machine is ten years, which means you receive full warranty, if any defect occurs in the units. They have a life span of 22 years. Thus, Bosch machine display several features and are in fact, a worthwhile investment.

NORITZ Water Heaters

The Noritz heater works on demand. They only heat water when it is necessary. When a person opens a hot water fixture or an appliance requires hot waters, the Noritz heater will detect the demand and accordingly heat water.

Tankless water heaters supply only required amount of the water. The best method to judge a heater without tank for any purpose is to calculate the peak flow capacity, which a heater has to supply at any time.

For housing purposes, this most likely is the number of showers used concurrently multiplied by every showerhead’s rate of flow. Only a contractor or a professional plumber can calculate this. After calculating, bear in mind to go through every heater’s specifications to decide the models that satisfy your demand.

Noritz’Top Product
Noritz heaters instantly heat up water and have the hot waters ready just in some seconds for your application. A sophisticated electronic control system makes sure that a person receives continuous hot water supply without any fluctuations in the temperature. These heaters are extremely efficient and save about 50 percent in water heating bills each month.


1. Energy savings:

The design of Noritz is such that it gives a high efficiency of 80 to 85 percent enabling the setting of the heating intensity and hot water temperature. This control saves water heating costs and fuel, which in turn saves user money.

2. Durability and space savings:

Compressed designs of Noritz enable installation, practically anywhere, outdoor or indoor. These heaters are very durable. For housing applications, there is a ten-year assurance on the heat exchanger and three years on all other parts. For commercial applications, there is a three-year warranty on the heat exchanger and all other parts.

3. Safety:

The Noritz heaters are very convenient and safe. The electronic advanced function present in these heaters prevents several hazards.

How Do We Compare ?

However because most people own a standard storage tank heater I’ll explain the differences between them and the new tankless heaters, both gas and electric.

The old storage water heating machines continuously heat water 24 hours a day, even if it is not in use, whether you are home or not. There is constant heating and re-heating of the stored hot waters, thus, a total waste of energy.

Tankless heaters on the other hand do not store the water; rather, they heat water only if you need to use it. It is the flow of water when you turn on the faucet that triggers heating, whether you’re using gas or electric power, so that when you close the faucet, the heating elements is shut off as well, saving a lot of hard earned money.

This means also that you are being provided with endless water supply when you are using tankless heater because of how heating works. The amount of energy saved will depend on the brand and model of the heater you are using, and whether it uses gas or electricity.

The great thing is that cost savings can be anywhere from 11% to 69%.

Comparing Tankless Water Heaters

There are four main features to look for when buying or comparing the machines.

  1. Brand
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Water Flow Rate
  4. Warranty
  5. Price

A comparison of the different brands and models that would perfectly suit your home is also a great factor in determining how much can you save in your hot water bill. There are a lot of brands available in the market that you need to review for you to be able to pick the right one. Among the top selling brands with highest reviews are Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai, Takagi, Titan and Noritz.

When choosing, you have to know what factors can be advantageous to you.

  • Energy efficiency is important because it determines the ultimate cost of the hot waters. The more energy efficient the lower your water bill. Bosch 250SX has the highest rating of 87%.
  • The amount of water needed by your home is also related to the maximum flow of water delivered from a heater. At a temperature of 55F, Rheem Models RTG-74X, RTG-199DV, & GT-199X have the highest flow rates at 7.4gpm (gallons per minute). The volume of water depends also on the size of the burner or heating element, bigger burners can give higher volume of hot water.

Among the brands mentioned above, Bosch gives the highest heat exchanger warranty at 12 years, but actual use could last up to 20 years as compared to conventional heaters which could be useful only up to 10 to 15 years. This is because of mineral deposits that settle in the tank, since it is continuously filled up with water, unlike when you use tankless heaters.

If you want to save even more money you can buy all the top heaters online at near wholesale prices. Some of the best online retailers include amazon and ebay. Both offer a great range and fantastic customer service. Check them out now and compare the heaters yourself.


Unless you want to keep taking shower with cold water every day, investing your time to read our Tankless Hot Water Heater Reviews should be a good idea for you to do today. This device has been one of the most necessary home equipment that every homeowner must have in his or her house, especially if he or she lives in a cold place or a place which is known for its four seasons.

When the fall and winter come, this machine will save you from frozen water flowing from through your water pipe to your bathroom. Now, with the many kinds of the machine, people these days choose to have the tankless water heaters because of its features and benefits. One of the benefits that people have been praising the tool for is the fact that it can function without a tank, meaning that there will be no limit on how much hot water it can produce. Thus, these two products  can be chosen from a limitless number of choices that you can see in the market.

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