Picking the Best Travel Child Safety Seat

If you are planning on traveling with an infant or toddler, than it is likely that you are going to need a car seat for this event. Lugging around general child safety seats or carriers can make traveling difficult. For that reason there are several manufacturers that have designed products that help families with this. They are called travel car seats. These are different from regular automobile seats because their design is meant to assist families with their ease of use, or size, or combining two larger products into one.

For families with infants, the need for a child safety seat and a stroller is usually a high priority. However traveling through airports, train stations, and even highway rest stops, can be cumbersome with the regular sized travel carseat/ stroller systems. The Sit-n-Stroll carseat makes this into one item. Lilly Gold Sit ‘N’ Stroll 5 in 1 CarSeat & Stroller Combination retails for about $247 currently on Amazon. It can be used as a rear-facing seat for infants up to 30 lbs or a forward-facing for up to 40lbs. It is also FAA approved for air travel. The seat then also quickly converts into a stroller that has adjustable heights on the handle for comfort and ease. It is also a product that has been on the market for several years, and has products and accessories to compliment its already efficient design.

For younger infants and newer to the market is the GoGo Babyz Infant Cruizer AT. This item is retails for about $142 on Amazon. This product works with current infant seats, and provides a way to stroll the baby seat through busy airports and travel areas without having to bring the larger stroller that usually accompanies these seats.

For older toddlers there is the choice is about ease of use. For air travel there is no current FAA approved booster seat. For busy travel including airports, or car and train travel, it is still a good idea to have a seat that is not a hassle, or some equipment that helps take the hassle away. The Compass B510 Folding Booster Seat by The First Years has convienent folding feature that makes it easier to pack and move with. It retails currently for about $75 on Amazon.

When traveling with children, families want both safety and also ease of travel. Having a travel child seat can help you obtain both of these by keeping your child in a safe restraint system for travel, and assists by having features and conveniences streamlined towards busy moments of travel.

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