Wireless Cooking Thermometer


What is a wireless cooking thermometer? Many advertisements use the phrase, “wireless”. Are there any, that actually have a cord, or wire, that plug into an outlet? The standard, low-tech meat or candy thermometers, that have been around for many years, do not have wires. So, they are “wireless”, and Grandma had one. The newer, high-tech digitals with probes, timers and pagers are all “wireless”. They are battery powered. But, what is that thing that connects the probe to the to the control unit? Is it a wire? They are made of stainless steel. Are they “wireless” with a wire? Some have multiple probe features. This would mean multiple wires. Yet, they are advertised as “wireless”. The infrared, non contact thermometers do not have wires. They are battery powered, as well. Given these facts, it would seem, all cooking thermometers, marketed for consumers, are “wireless”. The term “wireless” is used by advertisers to convince the consumer that he, or she, is getting something more or better. This is intended to entice the consumer to make a purchase. It is an advertising gimmick.

However, a cooking thermometer wireless is a necessity in the kitchen and at the grill. Using a thermometer will ensure that food is prepared to perfection for delicious dinners every night. A few of the most popular “wireless” thermometers are:

  1. The CDN Insta-Read Meat and Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer: This thermometer has an easy to read temperature gauge with stainless steel housing and a stainless steel probe with cover sleeve. It resembles the one Grandma had. It displays accurate temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius. This thermometer is 5½ inches in length and the gauge is 1¾ inches in diameter and it comes with a 5 year warranty. The Insta-Read thermometer is available online from Cutleryandmore for $9.95.
  2. The Taylor 1479 Five Star Thermometer & Timer: This thermometer is manufactured by Taylor, world leader in precision tools. This thermometer is programmable and has an easy to read bright blue LCD display. It has a remote pager to alert the cook when the food is cooked to perfection. The pager features an audio alert, as well as visual and vibration alerts. It has a range of 200 feet, allowing the chef a lot of freedom from the kitchen or grill. The unit comes with a six inch stainless steel probe with a 48 inch wire. This thermometer is available from Partshelf for $21.95.

A “wireless” thermometer is a great tool to use for preparing delicious meals. Cooking the food, particularly meat, to the proper temperature ensures the food is safe to eat as well.

Popular Products

The wireless thermometer for cooking has a contemporary feature and design in general. The voice alert, taste control ad temperature all are measured with great efficiency and accuracy. For an instance, they will give you the display messages or audio messages like “your food is ready to serve”, “Your Food Is Almost Ready” and so on.

best wireless digital thermometer

The thermometer does not require any wire to measure any temperature. It is just cordless. Moreover, most of the companies offer the thermometers with Amber LCD backlight. The thermometers have an in built timer. They are so technology perfect that they also detect the meat and taste with the help of the specific selectors. Their range is quite good up to 100 feet.

Dual probe version is a popular cooking thermometer wireless which permits you to monitor two different elements that are:

  • Monitor the food item on the grill or present in the oven that is up to 100 feet.
  • Moreover, just insert the food into the meat line and then leave the remote transmitter by the side of the oven or the BBQ. Then you just need to bring the receiver with you and not the transmitter.


This way you are free to move around any where at your home in 100 feet of transmission and can easily check the temperature of the oven or the grill and the food left inside the equipment.

Moreover, you can easily set the timer for cooking of the food and can also set up the Doneness which is rare to do. You do not have to cook the food again and again because the receiver will tell you everything, just keep it with you. The batteries of 2AAA are included in the kit.

Maverick Wireless Cooking Thermometer

  • This thermometer features iPod-style control system and also an Amber LCD backlit.
  • This also features with 100 foot range of the transmission with voice alert system.
  • The taste control voice awareness tells you about the taste of the food cooked and at what temperature.
  • You just have to enter the clip into the meat and leave the remote by its side and then take the receiver along with you by clipping it in your pocket.
  • The timer control and voice alert system will tell you when the food is ready.
  • Here each and every unit is literally powered by 2AAA batteries which are included within the purchase.