Best Meat Thermometer Wireless 2017 Reviews


Are you planning to invest in a wireless meat thermometer? Everyone knows that a kitchen thermometer is a must have in a kitchen because it will help you in preparing perfectly cooked meat. But that’s not all – there are many more advantages of using a wireless thermometer for meat. If you are planning to buy one then it is important that you first check some of reviews over the internet before making a buying decision.

It is never an easy task to decide the best meat thermometer in the market because each of the thermometers has their salient points – advantages. Hence, reading some of reviews over the internet will offer an insight into the various benefits you will derive from choosing a particular thermometer or brand. There are quite a few popular brands out there in the market that that produce the products, which are advanced and easy to use. One of the popular brands of barbeque thermometers is acurite.

You can choose from several models of acu-rite available over the internet after reading their reviews. Acurite offers meat thermometers wireless, grill or wireless bbq thermometers with remote pager, indoor or outdoor  thermometers with receivers, digitally programmable thermometers and much more. One of the popular electronic models according to reviews is acu-rite 00724 wireless thermometers. Here are some of the salient points of the thermometer:

– The acu-rite 00724 wireless digital meat thermometer has a heat-resistant stainless steel probe on a long stainless steel wire. Using the probe, you can measure the temperature inside the meat. Now you don’t have to hold the turkey or lamb using a fork and cut it with a knife to see if it is well cooked or not.

– This thermometer is compact and stands 4 inches/102 mm tall

– It can be used for a wide range of temperature measurement from +32째 to +392째F / 0째 to +200째C

– You can flip down its integral stand so that it can be placed on the countertop. You can also attach the thermometer to any steel or metal surface using the double magnets provided with the pack

– The acurite thermometer has a fairly large LCD screen, which displays the meat settings as well as prepare settings

– The screen will also display all alarm indications like the temperature at which the alarm needs to sound, whether the alarm is on or off, and also the actual temperature of the cooking meat.

– The thermometer pack includes AAA (1.5V) batteries and is simple to use

– It has a simple power On/Off switch to enable you to save battery when not in use

– This thermometer has been designed specifically for conventional ovens and not infrared ovens

– The thermometer also has a dedicated button for selection of different types of prepare settings like rare, medium rare, medium, or well

– Some of the other prepare setting include meet settings like lamb, beef, or veal

According to most reviews, one of the most important aspects acu-rite 00724 digital thermometers is that it protects your meat from disease causing or harmful bacteria by helping you cook it to the right temperature.